Thailand Bangkok Itinerary 3 Days 2 Nights

Together with H & friends, we decided to visit Thailand – Bangkok for a well deserved break. Unlike previous trip, where we did mostly sight-seeing , this trip was a EAT-SHOP-EAT trip.

Like many, we had a hard time deciding where to go and what to eat. Thankfully we manage to squeeze as many place as we can in 3 days 2 night and hope this itinerary helps! Click here to read more on our views of “MUST EAT” in bangkok

Day 1: Airport – Hotel – Inter Restaurant – Platinum Mall – Chinatown – T & K Restaurant – Talad Rodfai
Day 2: Terminal 21- Asos Japanese Retaurant - Thonglor Mango Sticky Rice – After You – Roast Coffee – Healthland & Spa Massage
Day 3: Wat Arun – Eat Sight Story – Audrey Café – Big C – MK Restaurant- Airport

Sim card
One can purchase sim card from the only telecommunication company “ True”.  It is located near the exit towards arrival hall taxi stand. However if you are like us, unwilling to queue for it, you can try the “tour” shop offering sim cardat 199b for 7 days with unlimited data. It work for us!

Taxi – Downtown
Took a taxi to downtown via the taxi counter at a meter rate + 50 b. Click here for estimated Taxi rates 

Platinum Fashion Mall
Gone are the days where Platinum Fashion mall sells cheap and “wholesale” clothes. I left the mall with 1 jumper with 2 holes as small as the tip of the pen. So do remember to check your clothes. Mentioned by our friend previously, the locals no longer shop there. Nonethless it was a good place for people who wants a quick fix to settle their craving to shop. 


Chinatown, a shopping haven for people looking for wholesale item in bangkok. From accessories to shoes, these items are sold in bulk. My favorite buy from chinatown are hair accessories.  A packet of hair rubber bands (50 – 80 b) can last me for years. Definitely love the old and rustic feeling Chinatown gave. 
Nearest MRT:  Hua Lamphong or 50b ride for tuktuk from Siam Centre

Talad Rodfai
Having been to the mini Rod-Fai last year, H can’t get enough of it. This time, we visited Talad Rodfai. The biggest night market in Bangkok. With over 100 of stalls, one is spoilt with choices. The downside? Items sold there are pretty much the same. One reason why we all love Rod fai than Chatuchat, you will not get sun burnt .

& oh did I tell you I love the vintage collection more than the shopping items there? I don’t really care if they are real vintage or made in china, they are so nice! It brings memory back!
Nearest BTS/MRT: On Nut +  taxi

Terminal 21
Terminal 21, one of the newest shopping mall in bangkok, is definitely worth going. I love the different themes in the mall! The mall is a food haven! According to H (or his uncle), the owner of the mall emphasize a lot on the price menu in the food court. He make sure the price of food is afforadable for the local. Awwww.  Other than the affordable price, there is a wide range of variety for one to choose from. 
Nearest BTS/MRT: Asok

Fisher’s Folk (Farmer’s Market)
Our visit to Fisher came as a surprise to us. We chance upon it on our way to café and I got really excited about it. I love farmer’s market! & best of all, they are promoting ecologically-friendly seafood through a series of talk from professional Thai fisherman using sustainable fishing method. Plus, one can purchase seafood dishes too! Head over if you have a chance! Check out Fisher Folk's Facebook for dates. 

Nearest BTS/MRT: Thonglor

Wat-Arun, The temple of Dawn, is beautiful and unique on its own. The pagoda was influence by Khmer-style and covered by million pieces of china porcelains. Despite it being under construction since last 2015, I love the architecture detail of the temple. Oh and did I mention that Wat-Arun is very beautiful at night! We managed to cruise down Chao Phraya River previously at night and Wat-Arun is stunning!

We took a 3b ferry ride from Tha Tien pier (located at the left facing grand palace) to cross over to Eat Sight Story for lunch. There are many jetty on the stretch so be sure to board at the right pier.

Nearest BTS/MRT: Saphan Taskin or Siam + Taxi

Grandpalace/ Wat-Pho to Siam Center
Tip: There are not many taxi driver who wants to go by meter near grand palace. Most of them quote 200 – 250 b for a 20 minutes ride. One way to get to Siam from grand palace is by public  transport BUS 508 for 13 B. per person.  Estimated arrival time is the same as by Taxi. Also, it is way much cheaper. Plus you get the experience!

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