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Taiwan Itinerary CingJing, Taichung, Jiufen, Jeelung & Taipei 8 Days 7 Nights (Part 2 - Taichung)

Taichung is the home to the largest night market in Taiwan. Fengjia night market, a place where everyone are familiar to even when you have not been to Taichung. Other than Fengjia night market, Rainbow village and Gao Mei wetland is at the top of our list because we want to see a different side of Taichung.

Getting Around in Taichung
It is strongly advisable to purchase a transportation card in Taichung because the first 8km is free! so the transportation in Taichung is literally free! Taichung is not as accessible as Taipei because they do not have a subway line.  And most places requires you to walk a distant from the bus stop. Although it is not as accessible, it is not difficult too! 

一中夜市/Yi Zhong Ye Shi 

First night market of the trip, Yizhong night market is second to Fengjia night market in taichung. A smaller scale of night market but with more locals. You will find the similar stalls in yizhong and fengjia but at different price. Yizhong have a smaller range but more competitive price than Fengjia. You will find the usual popular Ah Mei Red tea, Prawn , Beef cubes but surprisingly H and my favourite was the baked potato from one of the infamous stall in yizhong. 

Taichung City, Taiwan 404

台中第二市场/Taichung Second Market

Built in 1917, Taichung Second Market is one of the famous market in the early days. 7000 sq meter with over fifty shops, Taichung Second Market has its glamorous days. One of the best thing to do when you are in another country is to visit their morning market. Not only you get to eat local food, one can have a better experience! Although we did not purchase any vegetables or fruits there ( my mom would!) , it was fun walking around and getting "wet" in the local wet market. 

Be early for this Radish cake wrapped in fried egg with sausage glutinous rice, if not the queue can be pretty long. We ordered one to share because it is really filling for 2. Also, the fishball noodle is one of the most famous stall in the market. It was good but i still prefer the ones in Jiu Fen!

 No. 4號, Xingzhong St, Central District, Taichung City, Taiwan 400

彩虹村/Rainbow village

Colorful and vibrant, rainbow village is a place that many will not be missed. It is like a art piece in the middle of Taichung neighbourhood. Behind these colourful walls lies a story. 彩虹村/Rainbow Village aka rainbow military Dependent's Village is a place where the government wants to demolish and replace. However, one man stood up and change the fate of this village. He started to paint the wall with different colours, making the entire village unique and vibrant. Slowly, more and more artist and tourist came down to enjoy the art. Petitions were started and not long the village was preserved.
" Create your own rainbow if you can't find any " 
The man's attitude is worth to be remember and learnt. At times, all we need in life is determination and perseverance.

408, Taiwan, Taichung City, Nantun District, 春安路56巷

Dazzling Cafe

The hype of shibuya toast started out in Japan, Taiwan and the rest of south east Asia. After having a taste of shibuya toast in bkk after you, it stole my heart. I love it!

The hype came to Singapore. EW told me that she tried dazzling shibuya toast in Singapore and it was super good. However the thought of queuing up for the toast in Singapore never came to my mind. I was super excited when H found one outlet in Taichung. & best of all, it is the perfect place to avoid afternoon heat after visiting Rainbow village. Thus we took a cab to 新光三越 台中中港店 for lunch. 

Glamorous interior design, Instagram worthy and attentive service made dazzling cafe stood out. However "Disappointing" & "Heng" feeling fortunate were the two words that came across my mind. Disappointing because it did not live to the Shibuya toast standard I thought it would be. Fortunate because I did not spend 30 minutes queuing up in Singapore. I wait for 15 minutes before they called H to inform him that the table was ready.

The toast were crispy but was very dry. Ice cream serving were quite little considering that we only use it to spread across the toast. Not sure if we are not supposed to eat it with the outer layer of the toast because there were only 4 "cut " inner slice in the toast. Anyway, we finish the rest of the ice cream and still have half of the toast there. For the remaining toast, we have it with the custard cream they provide. Fortunately refillable cause we had a second one.

Diners are allowed to stay in cafe for max 2 hour and min order of one drink is required. OverallI think it's a over rated cafe.

407, Taiwan, Taichung City, Xitun District, Section 3, Taiwan Blvd, 301號4樓 Phone:+886 4 2251 8036

高美濕地/GaoMei wetland

I begin to appreciate the beauty of sunset more after i started travelling more often. Sunset in Singapore can rarely be seen. Sometimes the downside of living in a developed nation is that you never really appreciate the beauty mother nature have for us. We are all "too busy" to bother.

 Gao Mei wetland is a popular family destination for many. It not only have the perfect spot for sunset, it allows kids to have fun in the mud. Unfortunately, we did not bring our slippers and could not go down. It will be so fun.

Gaomei wetland is located right at the suburb of Taichung and it is not easy to travel there. Although taxi are available, it cost around 800 - 1000 for them to send you there. For us, we took a bus to Qing Shui Station/ 清水 and shared a cab to Gao Mei Wetland by 拼车/PingChe for a small fee.

Ping Che 拼车 is a common practice in Taiwan where strangers share a cab to a certain point because it is cheaper. For us we travel from Gao mei wetland to Feng Jia night market for 250 twd per pax. Normally it will cost around 800 - 1000 per taxi to reach.

So, don't be shy!
Qingshui District, Taichung City, Taiwan 436

Fengjia Night Market 

We end our last night in Taichung with the best night market in Taiwan, Fengjia! Needless to say, Fengjia is a food haven. From seafood to Japanese Oden, there are wide range of variety for you to choose from. The photos above are my top three favourite from Feng Jia Night Market. Also, try 北回木瓜牛奶/Beihui Papaya Milk Shake! It is the best papaya milk shake i ever had in my life. 

Other than food streets, Fengjia is a fashion paradise for many. So be sure to bring lots of money to shop and bag lots of loots bag home! 

Till next time! 

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