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Happy Birthday, to me

The first half of 2016 had past and so many things have changed. There were many up and down. I left my comfort zone and challenged myself  a little more each day. With all the financial stress as well as finding the purpose of life is not easy and it never will. Life will never be perfect until you live in the presence.

2 years into adulthood taught me to be patience with life. I have lost some of the most important things in life. In return, I have gained a painful lesson after 12 years. Each setback taught me to be a stronger and better person. Also, it taught me to be humble and to appreciate things in life.  The same opportunities doesn’t come twice, so take them up if you have the chance.

A Quarter to 100, I am moving to another phase of life. I aim to have a heart that is richer than before. I pray to have a little more courage than yesterday. And most importantly, I hope to live and love a little more each day.

Wish me luck as I brave myself through the thunderstorm. Watch me dance to the rhythme of life.  

Lastly, Happy Birthday to me

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