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Singapore - Beach Road Prawn Noodle X East Coast Wu Xiang

After our morning ride in east coast, H & I decides to visit the famous Beach Road Prawn Noodle! We had walk past this place many times and it is always so crowded! Thankfully there was no queue when we arrived

The Prawn noodle came in different size. $5.80 for the small one and jumbo for $11.80. We went ahead and ordered the small bowl. Other than the fresh prawn they gave, the thick broth leaves you wanting for more.

The stall next to it was selling Wu Xiang. Without second thought we ordered a plate to go with our prawn noodle. My favorite got to be the plain fritter. It carries a bitter yet sweet taste at the end. Ngor Hiong was good too but H prefers my Mom’s homemade version.

Unfortunately, the prawn fritter was a disappointment. The batter for the prawn fritter was too thick and I couldn't taste much of the prawn. As for the rest, such as spring roll, was mediocre. As for the sauce I think it is neither sweet nor spicy. So I’m not sure what exactly what they are trying to make the sauce taste like.  Price range from $1- $2 per piece

Although the bowl of Prawn Noodle is good, I'm not sure if I will come down especially for it. After all, there are many stalls that sell equally good or maybe even better Prawn Noodle & Wu Xiang. Head over if you happen to be around East Coast! 

Beach Road Prawn Noodle / East Coast Wu Xiang 
370 East CoastR Road, 428981
Close on Tuesday 

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