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Hong Kong - Day trip to Cheung Chau Island

Cheung Chau Island, a fishing village, is one of local’s favorite hideout island   Unlike Lamma island, Cheung Chau island was crowded. There are many shops and restaurant in the island – Shop and Save as well as Mac Donald!
We start off the trail off by walking towards North Look Out Pavillion. Along the way, we saw many fishing boat docked at the pier which was a pretty sight to see! The hike was short so we manage to walk up to the highest point of Cheung Chau island within an hour. The view was breathe taking and surprisingly quiet. We took some time and enjoy the view and quiet moment before fellow hiker came.
We continue the walk towards mini great wall and then the buzzling streets. To my surprise there are many street food that are worth every calories. Be sure to try them out! My favorite got to be the fishball. Despite the snake long queue, the wait time is short. Try the salmon ball. The cheese will ooze out from the ball and make you crave for more. The sushi roll was a let down though. Nonetheless we had a good lunch with all the street food. Do not go home without trying the Mango Mochi. The mango are juicy and I had like 3-4 of them! They are everywhere! Also, hop over to for some authentic Hong Kong Dessert! 

Our last stop was to the beach. That’s where most local are. The beach is packed with people and everyone was having fun! We end the day talking a stroll to the beach. Compare to Lamma island, Cheung Chau is more vibrant and tourist-friendly. Good street food and goreousview at the north lookout pavillion, I’m sure I will be back to this island    

We end the day back at the main island in Hong Kong, Check this out if you have not 

Head over to Central Pier No. 5 and check out here for ferry time table

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