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Kanchanaburi - 3 hours drive from Bangkok city, you will find a quieter town with only 31,000 population. This place has a story of its own. During the WW2, Prisoner of War were sent to Kanchanaburi to build the death railway connecting Myanmar and Thailand.

Before setting our foot in Kanchanaburi, we saw Kanchanaburi Tour for 2 pax to be quite expensive. Thus we decided to visit Kanchanaburi by public. I hope the below information helps

Bangkok to Kanchanaburi 
Bangkok Southern Bus Station to Kanchanaburi Bus Station
Kanchanaburi Bus Terminal Schedule as of July 2017 
We took a bus from Bangkok Southern Bus Station to Kanchanaburi. The journey takes 3.5-4 hr and cost us 110b. Bus departs every 20 mins from 0500h to 2200h.Tickets can be purchase directly at the Bus Terminal.  

Alternatively, you can opt for the train ride from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi. For Thonburi Train Station at 07:50 and arrive at Kanchanaburi at 10:25, also at 13:55 and arriving at 16:24.

Private taxi is available for hire in Bangkok to Kanchanaburi for 3500-5000b.

Getting around in Kanchanaburi 

Kanchanaburi Train Station Schedule
The easiest and cheapest way to get around Kanchanaburi is by foot. We walk to attractions from Kanchanaburi bus terminal and the took Tuktuk if it is more than 20 mins walk. With the help of google map, we walk from Kanchanaburi Station to Jeath Museum & Buddhist Temple.

Then we took a tuktuk (60b) from Buddhist temple to Kanchanaburi War Cemetery & walk to Thailand-Burma Railway Centre.

Afterward, we wanted to take the train from Kanchanaburi Train Station to River Kwai Bridge Railway Station but only realize that the train will come a hour later. Thus we decide to take a tuktuk (80b) to River Kwai Bridge Station instead. After spending some time there, we took a private SongThaw (300b) from Death railway to our resort and call it a day.

Although getting around in this town is not as easy as compare to Bangkok or Chiang Mai, I thought it is part of the fun.

Note: There are Tuktuk and SongThaew near attractions but there are not many. Thus I would still recommend you to hire your own driver a day if you are travelling in group or have kids and elderly with you.

We choose X2 River Kwai as I wanted to be away from the city. 15 mins drive away from the bus station , X2 River Kwai resort is quiet and peaceful. The resort is everything I needed to unwind. Read here for review 

However If you are looking for a more accessible location and more value for money accommodation, try the ones near bus station. There are streets eat as well as restaurants. Besides, it would be the perfect base if you are planning to visit Erwan Waterfall the next day.

We spent 2D1N in Kanchanaburi and thought it would be better choice to spent 3 days 2 night in Kanchanaburi. To add Erwan Waterfall into our second day. Anw here's what we did during our 2 day1 night in Kanchanaburi ( extracted from the full 4D3N Bangkok Trip itinerary ) Hope it helps!

Day 2: Southern Bus Terminal – Kanchanaburi Bus Terminal – Jeath War Museum – Buddhist Temple – Kanchanaburi War Cemetery - Thailand-Burma Railway Center – Death Railway – River Kwai Bridge Station – X2 River Kwai Resort

Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai)
Instead of opting for Kanchanaburi tour, H & I decided to go by public. After 3.5 hours of bus ride from Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal, we finally arrived Kanchanaburi Bus Terminal. We first visited Jeath War Museum as it was located the furthest among others.

Jeath War Museum
This museum was small compared to others. Unlike others, information were limited. There are three parts to the museum. First - Photos and construction of Death railway, Second – items from the war such as military clothes, case of an unexploded bomb and etc. The last had a television showing short clip of the POW. Overall, I think more could be done to improve the experience but 50b for the entrance is a bargain.   

Buddhist Temple
Next to Jeath War Museum, we found this buddhist temple by chance. Coincidentally, the temple had some event that day. H was very excited when he saw a sunday market and the locals were selling street food.  We bought some food and brought over to the river side for lunch. Despite the scorching sun shining at us, I felt at peace. 

Kanchanaburi War Cemetery
The War cemetery is the final resting place for many POW. Walking through the cemetery reminds me of the brave souls who fought hard and live. A well maintained cemetery to tribute these brave souls as well as a reminder to everyone that Wars bring us nothing but sadness.

Thailand-Burma Railway Center
Located next to The War Cemetry, we walk to Thailand-Burma Railway Center. Personally, I feel that this museum was very informative and had a very good presentation. Especially for someone who are not familiar with WW2, this museum presented WW2 in a easy-to-read for visitors of all age. Unfortunately, no photography allow. 

Death Railway and River Kwai Bridge Station
The last attraction of the day was at River Kwai Bridge Station. Despite crowded with tourist, we had the good view of the River Kwai Bridge from the bridge station. The railway was called Death railway because over hundred thousands of laborers died during the 16 months of constructions during WW2.

X2 River Kwai

Before the sun set, we return to our resort – X2 River Kwai to unwind and relax. Located at the outskirt of kanchanaburi, this place is quiet and secluded.  In the evening, We kayak and had the whole place to ourself. Read more about X2 River Kwai here 

I hope the above information help you to plan a DIY trip to Kanchanaburi! If you still find it difficult to visit Kanchanaburi by your own,  you might want to try 1 day private tour to Kanchanaburi .



  1. Hi. We are planning to go to Kanchanaburi but to the Eleohant Village. Can we hire a songthaew from the bus station upon arriving to Kanchanaburi? Thank you.

    1. Hi Riane,

      Yes you can. There are many Songthaew waiting around Kanchanaburi Bus station. Do negotiate the price before setting off. Although i didn't visit a elephant village, the songhaew driver did ask me if i am interested to visit any attraction/book him for a day while dropping me of at my hotel. Hope it helps!

  2. Thank you for sharing! :)


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