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Switzerland - Swiss Travel System 2018/ Which travel pass to get in Switzerland?

Switzerland, the most expensive country in the world truly live up to its own name. As i was researching which pass to get for my trip, I was surprised by the cost of transportation. Plus there are many different type of travel passes available in the market , we struggle for a while before deciding which to get. 

Below are the summary of each pass and benefit as of Feb 2018. I hope it helps! 

Passes that can be used in the whole of Switzerland

  1. Swiss Travel Pass
Swiss Travel Pass allow you to have unlimited travel on consecutive days throughout Swiss travel system network. This pass is suitable who travel extensively throughout the trip. Plus, it includes The Glacier Express, Bernia Express as well as Golden Pass. 

Changes from 2018 onwards
The Cableway/train from Kriens or Alpnachstad to Pilatus: From free to 50%
The Cable car from Mürren to Schilthorn: From 50% off to Free
The Cable car from Stans to Stanserhorn: From 50% to Free

2. Swiss Travel Pass (Flex)
Similar to the Swiss Travel Pass, Swiss Travel Pass Flex allows you to travel unlimited on free-days. What makes Flex different from Swiss Travel Pass is that the free-travel days does not have to be consecutive days. Plus, it offers a 50% discount on non-free travel days that is valid up to a month. Thus i would think that this pass will benefit for those who plans to stay long stay in Switzerland.

The pass is available for 3,4,8 or 15 non-consecutive days within a month. Click here to read more

Update: Swiss Travel Pass Flex does not include 50% off for non free travel days. Thanks to TA folks for highlighting to me (: 

3. Swiss Half fare card (120 chf)
Unlike others, Swiss pass offers a 50% off tickets on all Swiss Travel system network and has a 1 month validity. This pass is useful for travellers who wants the flexibility of changing plan. Plus, half-pass card holder have the options to add a 1-day travel pass at half price if you are planning to travel very frequent on that day. Click here to read more 

4. Swiss Day Pass (29 - 50 chf with half pass)
Usually purchased with Half fare card or swiss pass flexi, the day pass offers traveller to purchase card had a cheaper cost. Sound too good to be true? The catch is here - the rates for day pass varies and you can only purchase it online. Usually cheaper from Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm) Personally i feel that it is only worth it if the pass cost 30 chf or if you are planning to travel extensively on that day.

5.Swiss Transfer Ticket
The swiss transfer ticket is a return ticket from the Swiss Boarder or airport to the destination. Like how the name suggest, swiss transfer pass works for visitors who only wants to visit one location. The transfer must be completed in one day and the direct route. Two transfer valid for a month. Read here for more 

There are other regional pass available such as the Tell Pass Winter (Central Switzerland) and Jungfrau Travel Pass. These passes benefits to visitor who plan to stay a few day in the same region. We didn't consider them as we are only staying there for 5 days and moving from places to places.

These passes have its own benefits and disadvantages. In order to have a clearer picture, I have make a list of places that H & i are planning to go and compare the prices of each pass. Do note that these price fare are estimation. After using SBB, we find that the information is pretty accurate. We use the SBB website to do the calculation. You can download my spreadsheet here 


In the past, purchasing the Swiss Pass is the best option as it includes trip to Junfraujoch. However, with many changes over the years, it was removed. Personally, I feel that the Swiss pass is value for money if you plans to visit mountains everyday Such  to Schilthorn, Stanserhorn and Mt Rigi. Swiss Pass Flex is a better choice if you plan to stay for a few weeks in Switzerland. After all, it act as a half-pass during your non-free travel days. Half pass is more suitable for travellers who does not have a full-day pack schedule like us.  

You can purchase your pass directly from the SBB website. Do note that international tickets are only available online for printing out. Most ticket inspector allows e-ticket/pdf file but we encountered one who rejected our e-ticket/pdf. Thus it is recommended to purchase no more than 3 working days before the journey so that you have sufficient time to print it out.

*Do note that this is base on rough estimation and updates as of Feb 2018, do feedback to me if there are any changes or information i should update (: 


  1. After having tried it. what was the final tally? did half fare card live up to its claim? Also Jungfrau is perhaps more costly with swiss pass

    1. Yes, it is still cheaper for us. However do note that we didn't visit a lot of places in a day. If you plan to visit many places in a day then the swiss pass is probably more value for money. Do check out the website below to see the places of interest you are planning to go.


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