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Switzerland Basel Airport Lounge - EuroAirport Skyview Lounge Review

Basel Airport Lounge is the only bi-national airport in the world. Plus, the Euro Airport Sky View Lounge had won the best “Airport Lounge of the Year” in 2015. Thus, I was really excited when H told me that we are going to a Swiss airport that is geographically located within the French region and is Franco-Swiss administered international airport. I mean what are the odds to be there? We were luckily to be flying out from Basel airport to Iceland. And if we were to fly out of EU, the stamp used could be a Switzerland or France immigration stamp. isn’t it interesting?
The lounge has 3 level and is a shape of dome. Decorated with exotic palm trees and luxurious furnishing, the lounge on the first level has a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. Deck with international newspaper and magazine, one can relax or catch up on their work.

On the second level, there are more variety of food option to choose from compare to the first. Although, there is a wide selection of snacks to choose from, I feel that the selection for main is limited. There is a bar area on the third level. Unfortunately, it was close during our visit. My favourite part of the lounge is the outdoor deck overlooking the airport runway. Do note that shower is not included in the pass. Thus, a small fee is required.

Overall, I was impress with the design of the lounge - Glass dome and palm trees in the lounge. It is definitely a quiet and nice place to relax while you wait for your next flight. However, I feel that the food and service can definitely be improved on. Especially the beverage options. Yeap thats right!


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