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China Shanghai 3 Day 2 Night Itinerary / 6 Days 5 Night : Ningbo – Shao Xing – Shanghai Itinerary (Part 3 - Shanghai)

We continue our last part of trip to Shanghai. Upon arrival, we were greeted with high rise skyscraper as we make our way to Andaz XinTianDi in Shanghai. We have visited Shanghai 3 years ago and visited most of the attraction. Thus, this trip our aim is to find unique and fun stuff to do!   

Day 4: Shanghai – Check in at Andaz Hotel – Dinner at Sushi 88 – Xin Tian Di - Starbucks Reserve – 福楼Big Mian
Day 5: 田子坊 - Breakfast at 翠花 – Check in Hyatt on the Bund -大壶春小龙-小杨生煎包-The Alley-南翔小笼包 - K11 Shopping mall
Day 6: Nong Tang Xiao Hun Tun/弄堂小混吞 – Hema Supermarket – Shanghai Pudong Airport – Singapore

Sushi 88
After many days of Chinese food, we decide to have sushi for dinner. Right below our rooms, we visited Sushi 88 for dinner. We ordered the dinner set menu and pair it with sake. The Sashimi is fresh and tasty. The staff in the restaurant told us they are flown in from Japan to ensure the quality. Thankfully we had sushi there because after we went back to Singapore, we read news about Rainbow Trout can be called as salmon in china. Although a little pricey, the quality of sashimi is good. We read that they have more value for money lunch set.

88 Sushi Bar
China, Shanghai, Huangpu, Songshan Rd, 88号上海新天地安达仕酒店1 

Xin Tian Di
After dinner, we went to walk around the streets in Xin Tian Di. Xin Tian Di is a popular street in Shanghai because of its antique exterior and modern lifestyle. The fusion between chinese and western style was incorporated along the streets. Also, there are international gallery as well as bars and cafes. Definitely a place to visit to during the weekend! 

123 Xingye Rd, XinTianDi, Huangpu Qu, China, 200000

Starbucks Flagship Reserve Roastery
After dinner, we made our way to one of the popular spot in Shanghai - Starbucks Reserve Roastery and tasting room. The Starbucks Roastery store is the biggest store outside of US. They have their in house Roastery and it is fun to watch the beans being grind and transport to the bar via tube.

Unlike the typical Starbucks i have visited, this flagship store has three coffee experience bar, serving coffee cocktail in the menu. Also, the long bar allow customer to sit and watch the coffee barista do their magic. The Roastery in Shanghai also includes China's first Teavana Bar as well as Princi Bakery.We had an eye opening experience at Starbucks Flagship Reserve Roastery.

128 Wujiang Rd, Jingan Qu, Shanghai Shi, Chi
上海市静安区吴江路128 邮政编码: 200000

福楼Big Mian

There are many interesting F&B concept in Shanghai and we wanted to visit a few in Xin Tian Di. Unfortunately, most of them are full. Thus, our friend brought us to a concept store that features Soya Sauce in front and the back is of the shop is a Bar. During the day, the bar will sell noodle as their specialty. At night, this noodle stall will transform into a bar area. It was very crowded while we were there and i guess we are pretty lucky to get seats!

福楼Big Mian
Shanghai Shi, Jingan Qu Shaanxi N Rd, 600 邮政编码: 200000

Day 5: 田子坊 - Breakfast at 翠花 – Check in Hyatt on the Bund -大壶春小龙-小杨生煎包-The Alley-南翔小笼包 - K11 Shopping mall
Tian Zi Fang/ 田子坊
Tian Zi Fang is a residential area that has develop to touristic arts and craft area. The alleys are filled with many boutique shops, bar and restaurant there. We visited in the morning and it was crowded. Unfortunately we didn’t managed to spend lots of time there as it was raining heavily. Otherwise, i think it will be fun to sometime at the nostalgic corner in Shanghai.

Tian Zi Fang/ 田子坊
210 Taikang Rd, DaPuQiao, Huangpu Qu, China

Tsui Hwa Cafe/翠华茶餐厅 @ 日月光中心
As it was pouring heavily, we found ourselves at 翠华茶餐厅 in a shopping mall 日月光中心. This popular Hong Kong Style cafe serves delicious milk tea as well as toast. The milk tea is not too sweet and tea is very fragrant too! Perfect breakfast on a rainy day

Tsui Hwa Cafe/翠华茶餐厅
618 Xujiahui Rd, DaPuQiao, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai Shi, China

Super Brand Mall
After we check into Hyatt on the bund, we went for a dumpling spree. Thankfully there are many outlets and we visited the one nearest to us. Da Hu Chun is located in the food court of Super Brand Mall. Coincidentally, there is Xiao Yang Sheng Jian too! So we make our way there!

Super Brand Mall
168 Lujiazui W Rd, LuJiaZui, Pudong Xinqu, China, 200000
上海市浦东新区陆家嘴陆家嘴西路168 邮政编码: 200000

Da Hu Chun/大壶春
Da Hu Chun aka 大壶春was awarded bib gourmet and sure did not disappoint. The pan-fried pork bun has a crispy base and juicy filling. Unlike Xiao Yang Sheng Jian/小杨生煎包,Da Hu Chun/大壶春, had a thicker skin. So if you me who prefers a thicker skin, this is the one to go! We order the xiaolongbao and it was nice! Personally i still prefer Nang xiang Xiao Long! 

Xiao Yang Sheng Jian/小杨生煎包
I tried Xiang Yan Shen Jian 小杨生煎 3 years ago and even till date it remains as one of my favourite. Xiao Yang Sheng Jian has a thinner skin and more soupy than Da hu Chun. The filling is equally juicy and delicious. Personally, i only like the original flavour. Anyway It's a tough fight between Da Hu Chun and Xiao Yang Sheng Jian

The Alley
While we were there, we saw people queuing up at The Alley Bubble tea shop. Curious about the drink, we decide to join in the fun! Indeed, the bubble tea is very addictive! The Bubble Tea chain is available in many country and you can even find it in Malaysia Johor Bahru! Other than The Alley, there are many bubble tea shop in Singapore selling similar drinks too!  

The Alley
B2 Super Brand Mall 168 Lujiazui Xi Lu, near Fucheng Lu Pudong district
Multiple outlets

Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao 南翔小笼包@Yu Garden
At night we visited Yu Garden 豫园, reminiscing the last trip to Shanghai. Our main objective is to stuff as many XLB 南翔小笼包 as possible. We visited the restaurant previously but only got to find out that they have a small take-away corner at level 1. Also, the dumpling at level 1 is cheaper and only the Xiao Long bao is good. The rest of the items in the menu is mediocre. The downside? The queue is crazy. Some may find it over rated due to the queue. We went there close to 8pm, it was almost sold out! The dumpling is juicy and the skin is not too thick! Really good

Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao 南翔小笼包
Huangpu, China, 200010
上海市黄浦区 邮政编码: 200010
Multiple outlets

K11 Shopping mall
Unlike conventional shopping mall, K11 design is unique and fun! While we were there, there are many pop up stores, exhibitions, as well as events in the mall. Although the shops are more or less the same as other mall, i enjoy the unique and creative ways the mall has showcase these shops. Our friend told us there was a robotic cafe that serves coffee too!  Unfortunately it is closed. Oh and there is even a Urban Farming exhibition while we were there!

K11 Shopping Mall
300 Huaihai Middle Rd, HuaiHai Lu DongDuan, Xuhui, Shanghai Shi, China, 200000
上海市徐汇区淮海路东段淮海中路300 邮政编码: 200000

Day 6: Nong Tang Xiao Hun Tun/弄堂小混吞 – Hema Supermarket – Shanghai Pudong Airport – Singapore

Nong Tang Xiao Hun Tu弄堂小混吞
Unlike the Wonton Noodle in Singapore, the wonton in Shanghai is small and usually serve in huge portion. Not a huge fan of wonton but this bowl of wonton soup took me by surprise. Nong Tang Xiao Hun Tu弄堂小混吞 has been around the neighbourhood for 20 - 30 years and the queue is always long! Although the wonton is small but the meat in the wonton is delicious. 10 rmb for a bowl like this! Definitely a hidden gem in Shangha!

Nong Tang Xiao Hun Tu弄堂小混吞
714 Weihai Rd, Jingan Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200000
上海市静安区威海路714 邮政编码: 200000

Hema Supermarket
Before flying back to Singapore, We decide to visit Hema Supermarket by Alibaba. Before the visit, we saw video of how the supermarket work as warehouse too. Unlike the conventional supermarket, Hema supermarket allow us to pick the seafood we want and pass it to the chef. We pick three abalone and have it cook with garlic and vermicelli! Very impressive!

Multiple outlets in Shanghai

Afterward, we check out of our hotel and went to the Airport! This spontaneous trip was book 3 weeks before we fly! We love every part of the trip! Although there were some hiccups along the way (we didn't research well enough cause Alipay don't accept credit card) , i'm glad that this impromptu trip to china turn out so well!   

Shanghai has grow and change over the years. Within the last 3 years, it has accelerated and changed. Pretty different from what we have seen previously. Fast pace and modern. Despite the change, the combination of Chinese culture and modern architecture has made the city very unique. Hope this itinerary give you a glimpse of what to do in China! 

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