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Hokkaido Itinerary - Lake Toya ( Finding Michelin bib gourmand ramen, fireworks over lake Toya & other things to do!)

Day 1: Singapore - Hakodate Airport – Check in Hotel Hachimanzaka - Hakodate Dining Gaya
Day 2: Hakodate Morning Market - Ikura Tei - Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse - Lucky Pierrot- Onuma Quasi-National Park - Check-in Granvillage Toya Daiwa Ryokan Annex - Dinner at Ippontei
Day 3: Lake Toya - 岡田屋 - Fujimori Fruit Farm– Jozankei Hoheikyo Dam -Arrive in Sapporo – Suage 2 –  Shopping at Sapporo – check in at Hotel Sunroute New Sapporo
Day 4: Nijo Fish Market - Farm Tomita – Bluepond – Check in Ys Hotel Asahikawa Ekimae – Dinner at Aeon Mall
Day 5: Otokoyama Sake Brewery Museum - Daisetsuzan National Park - Set off to Shari – Dinner at 焼肉工房くりから知床斜里店– Check in Hotel Route Inn Grantia Shiretoko Shari Ekimae
Day 6: Lake Notoro – Lunch at Shiretoko Satomi– Hiking at Shiretoko Five Lake – Check in Hotel Shiretoko Daiichi Hotel
Day 7: Shiretoko Goko Lake - Kaminoko Pond – Forest of Akan Tsuruga Resort HANAYUUKA – Explore Lake Akan area
Day 8: Lake Akan - Lake Akan Eco Museum Center -  Lake Onneto - Butadon no Tonta Michelin Bib Gourmand – Rokkatei flagship - Kangetsuen Hotel
Day 9: Buta Don Pancho - Shopping in Sapporo  - HOTEL MYSTAYS Sapporo Nakajima Park 
Day 10: Sapporo - Singapore
After enjoying the fresh catch at Hakodate, we continued our journey from Hakodate to Toyako.  We decide to make Toyako our next stop because it is located in between Hakodate and Sapporo. Plus, Lake Toya is a well-known Onsen resort in Hokkaido that has attracted many due to the beautiful lake and view of volcano.

Lake Toya/ Toyako
Lake Toya also known as Toyako, is part of Shikotsu-Toya National Park. Surrounded by numerous walking trails, one can enjoy the scenic walk in Lake Toya. As the lake is circular, visitors can enjoy the lake view from Toyako or Sobetsu.

We chose Toyako because it is a hot spring resort that is located along the shore of Lake Toya. Plus, there is firework every night! The firework can be viewed every night along the hotel stretch from your hotel window facing the lake!

After 2 hours of drive from Onuma Quasi-National Park, we arrived at our accommodation of the night - Granvillage Toya Daiwa Ryokan Annex. We check in and left for dinner at Ippontei.

Ippontei 一本亭
Ippontei is one of the 50 bib gourmet recipient ramen store in Hokkaido. For 700 yen, one can get a huge bowl of bib gourmet ramen. Thankfully we ordered 2 to share. The ramen broth is cook with more than 10 ingredients and for 20 hours. Really thick and yummy! Although the noodle is a little too thick and not as chewy as the ones we had, the broth made up for it. We preferred the black shoyu compared to the red ramen as red ramen is slightly saltier.

Ippontei 一本亭
Opening hours: Daily except Tuesday, 11:30am–2pm, 6–8pm
78 Toyakoonsen, Toyako, Abuta District, Hokkaido, Japan

If you are still hungry, there are a lot of choices you can choose. Plus, they are all very affordable. We visited とうやMarche for a few sticks of skewers and 居酒屋 龍汰呼 for Takoyaki and highly recommend them. These Japanese street food is so yummy and much more affordable compared to in the city.

Day 3: Lake Toya - 岡田屋 - Fujimori Fruit Farm– Arrive in Sapporo – Suage 2 –  Shopping at Sapporo – check in at Hotel Sunroute New Sapporo
In the morning, We took a walk along the picturesque lake after breakfast and it was so beautiful! The lake is circular thus you can even rent one of the duck boats and explore the lake! If you are a fan of spirited away, look out for the sea train track!

Before we left Lake Toya, we visited 岡田屋 for some traditional Japanese dessert - red bean & rice ball. The rice ball is soft and chewy. It is the perfect dessert to warm you up on a cold day! Unless you have a sweet tooth, have the rice ball without the red bean because we find the red bean a little too sweet.

Opening hours: Daily, 10am - 4pm
Address: Japan, 049-5721 Hokkaido, Abuta District, 洞爺湖町洞爺湖温泉36

Fujimori Fruit Farm
After check out, we set off to Fujimori fruit farm. My mom is super excited when I told her we are visiting a fruit farm. Plus the all-you-can-eat fruit buffet makes her even more excited. We were in time for the grape and apple season. For 880 Yen, one can have as much fruit as you want. Make sure you enter the farm with a empty stomach. There’s so much to eat! They will provide you with a basket for collecting fruits you want to bring home, scissors for harvesting and a knife for cutting the fruits you want to eat in the farm. Other than the fruits in season, we had pear and prunes. Any fruits that you bring out of the farm will be weighed and charged accordingly. The prices are quite reasonable.

Fujimori Fruit Farm
455-5 Takinomachi, Sōbetsu-chō, Usu-gun, Hokkaidō 052-0101

Other Attractions in Lake Toya
Shikotsu Toya National Park Silo observatory
Source: Navitime 
If you are not staying at Toyato or Sobestu, silo observatory is a place you can add to your list. From the observatory, one capture a panoramic view of Lake Toya. There are shops where you can grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the view from the top!

Shikotsu Toya National Park Silo observatory
Opening hours: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Address: −5 Naruka, Toyako, Abuta District, Hokkaido 049-5832, Japan

Nishiyama Crater Walking Trail
Source: Japan Guide
If you have some time to spare, consider taking a walk at the Nishiyama Crater Walking trail. One can see the abandoned school, factory and houses along the way. The volcano eruption has taken away a small part of modern civilization. Definitely somewhere i would want to visit next time!

Nishiyama Crater Walking Trail
Opening hours: 7:00 to 18:00 (until 17:00 in October and early November)
354 Izumi, Toyako-cho, Abuta-gun 049-5602, Hokkaido

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