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Gimpo International Airport Lounge Review - Asiana Lounge , KAL Lounge & Sky Hub Priority Lounge - Which is better?

Gimpo International airport, third largest airport in Korea, functions as Seoul’s Secondary airport. Unlike Incheon Airport, Gimpo Airport only has flights to Japan, China and Taiwan. Our flight back to Singapore had a stop-over in Tokyo. Thus, we had the opportunity to visit the lounge at Gimpo International Airport.

There is four lounge in Gimpo International Airport - Asiana Lounge, KAL Lounge, Sky Hub Lounge and Air Lounge HUE. H was lucky to visit 3 out of the 4 lounges in Gimpo International Airport! During our trip to Seoul in Jan 2019, we had the opportunity to visit Asiana Lounge as we were flying with Asiana. As for Sky Hub Lounge, we used our priority pass. As for KAL lounge, H visited it on Oct 2018 and didn't have a chance to share. Thus, we are glad that we had the opportunity to share our experience with these lounges. Let the photo do the talking! Hope it helps!

Fun fact: Gimpo International Airport is not open 24 hour and they only allow the passengers to their custom immigration from 6:30pm onwards. Thus, one does not have to be there 2 hours in advance if they are catching the first few flights. Usually, the first flight out of Gimpo International Airport is at 7.55am. Even if you arrive at the airport at 6:30am, you are likely to be able to catch the flight! Just need to take note of the estimated check-in time and if possible, do online check it. The queue can be pretty crazy.

Asiana Lounge - Gimpo International Airport
The interior design of the lounge is classic. Although it was small, the interior was simple and elegant. Like a business hotel, It has basic amenities such as light refreshments and drinks. Sadly, the selection was limited. There is free wifi available in the Asiana lounge. However, the facilities were limited. There are no shower facilities

We didn’t stay long in the lounge because it was crowded. Thus, we left and visited the Sky Hub Lounge. Overall, we felt that the Asiana Lounge in Gimpo is a little letdown. Food selection could have been better.

Location: Seoul Gimpo Airport, International Terminal, 4th floor, located after security.
Operating Hours: 6:30AM – 8:30PM (Daily).
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Sky Hub Lounge - Seoul Gimpo International (International Terminal)
After staying at the Asiana Lounge for 20 minutes, we left and visited the Sky Hub Lounge. The Sky Hub Lounge is a Priority Pass Lounge so you can access it if you have complimentary Priority Passes from your Credit Cards.

Like Asiana lounge, Sky Hub lounge is equally crowded. We were lucky to get seats! The design of the lounge feels a lot more like a restaurant. The tables and chairs are mainly for diners. If you are looking for a place to work, Asiana Lounge might be a better option.

Needless to say, the food selection at Sky Hub Lounge is definitely better than both the Asiana Lounge and the KAL Lounge. You can even make your own bibimbap! Otherwise, enjoy a bowl of pho if you decide to try something new.

There is free wifi available. Facilities are limited but it has a massage chair and a meeting room available for pass holder to use.

Overall, we felt that the visit is worth it if you have unlimited access to the priority lounge. Otherwise, save it for another lounge in other airports. Our favourite place to use the priority pass in Singapore Changi Airport. There are so many lounges to choose from.

Location: Airside - International Departure, located near Gate 35.
Opening hours: 07:00 - 21:00 (daily)
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KAL Gimpo Lounge - Gimpo International Airport
H visited KAL Gimpo Lounge during my previous trip to Seoul in 2018. Access for the KAL Lounge is for passengers flying on Business Class or with Elite status. Like Asiana Lounge, the KAL Lounge is small and quite crowded during the morning rush hours. 

The food selection although limited, but is slightly better than the Asiana Lounge as there are more hot food choices. There is free wifi available in KAL lounge. However, facilities are limited in KAL Gimpo Lounge.

Location: Seoul Gimpo Airport, International Terminal, 4th floor, located after security.
Opening hours: 05:30am - 9:00pm (Daily) Per lounge website.

In conclusion, if you are flying from Gimpo international airport, I wouldn’t recommend you to go early just to enjoy the facilities The lounge facilities in the airport are decent but definitely not a place that I would want to spend a few hours there. Honestly, I was surprised that the priority lounge exceeds both KAL and Asiana Lounge. I would definitely visit the Sky Hub Lounge as the food is a lot better than the other two lounges. Have you visited any of the lounges we mentioned above? We would love to hear about your experience! 

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