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Getting from Singapore to Johor Bahru

Getting from Singapore to Johor Bahru can be a little tricky because there are 2 Checkpoints between Singapore and Johor Bahru - Woodland Checkpoint and Tuas Checkpoint. Before travelling to Johor Bahru, it is always good to plan ahead on where you plan to go. 

Woodland Checkpoint 
Woodland Checkpoint aka First Link or Causeway is the first bridge connecting Malaysia and Singapore together. Singaporean staying in the north of Singapore will opt for this route as it is nearer to their home. However, if you plan to visit Taman Sentosa, Pelangi or Mount Austin, it is recommended to travel by the first link.

Tuas Checkpoint 
Tuas Checkpoint aka the second link is more popular among the West-Sider in Singapore. Also, heavy vehicles are encouraged to take the second link due to traffic congestion. The Lorries at the first link are charge at higher toll fee thus many opt for the second link. If you are planning to visit Skudai, Bukit Indah or other parts of Malaysia, it is recommended to travel by the second link.

Travelling to Johor Bahru by Personal Vehicle
The most common transportation used by us is Car. It is the most comfortable way and easiest way to get around and with the bulky household items like toilet paper, travelling by car. However, the jam at the border is crazy. Thus, we would always go in and come out during odd hours. Check the one-motoring website! They provide live footage of the traffic conditions before you step out of your house.

Tolls & Charges
The first toll fee you have to pay when departing from Singapore Immigration checkpoint is either at Woodland Checkpoint or Tuas Checkpoint. Departing from Tuas Checkpoint is slightly more expensive and price differs from peak hours and off-peak hours. Charges as below

Source: LTA website
Entering Johor Bahru Immigration Checkpoint requires a 20RM toll fee for foreign cars too. Do note that the toll fees in Malaysia need to be paid using the Touch N Go Pass! If you don’t have one before entering, you can get one at the immigration counter. The card cost 10.58 RM and the min reload is 10 RM! The card will expire if you don’t use it for 1 year. It happened to my dad a few times! Anyway, the card can be top up at most petrol station, supermarkets and convenience stores! Top up by cash only!

Travelling to Johor Bahru by Bus
The cheapest and most commonly used method by many to Johor Bahru is by bus. There are many places you can take a bus from. The more commonplace to board the bus is from Temporary Woodland Bus Interchange,  Kranji MRT station, Boon Lay MRT and Jurong East MRT Station.

Bus number from Woodland Bus Interchange to Johor Sentral 
Bus 950, 170x

Bus number from Kranji MRT station to Johor Sentral 
Bus 170x

Bus number from Jurong East MRT station to Johor Sentral  (via woodland checkpoint)

Route of CW buses. You can check out more information here
Tip: If you are travelling by the first link and want to avoid the long bus queue or save some time, take a taxi to Woodland Train Checkpoint and walk to the immigration area. Do note that Tuas Checkpoint cannot be accessed by foot.

After Singapore Immigration Checkpoint
After crossing Singapore immigration checkpoint, proceed to the boarding area. If you are lost, just follow the crowd. You can board any bus that comes first. They are the same and stop at JB immigration checkpoint. If you board SBS bus, remember to use the same Ezlink card that you travel to Singapore Immigration checkpoint. If you bought CW tickets, remember to keep them because you need to show the driver when you board. Otherwise, you have to pay again. If you travelled to Woodland Train checkpoint and walk over, you can purchase your ticket there. 

Travelling to Johor Bahru by Train

You can skip the jam if you pre-purchase a train ticket! Peak hours tickets are usually sold out very fast! You can purchase them from KTM official website. Remember to purchase from the official website to avoid additional administrative charges. Also, the tickets are only out 30 days in advance and sold out very fast! It is free seating so there is no point in choosing your seats! There is a maximum of 6 tickets per transaction and the tickets are non-transferrable! 

KTM Train - Singapore to Malaysia Train Ticket Price 
Singapore to Johor Sentral - 16 RM per Ticket
Johor Sentral to Singapore - 5 RM per Ticket

Tip: Book two single trip ticket instead of return ticket separately to save money!  

Here's a Step by Step guide on how to purchase your KTM Train tickets Singapore to Johor Sentral tickets. 

1. Visit KTM official website.
Getting from singapore to Johor Bahru by Train

2. Enter the desired date and time slot. 
3. Select the time slot. Seats are free seating. Thus, there is no point to choose your seat. 

4. Fill up the necessary details - Name, NRIC, Birth Date

5.Payment by Credit Card

After you purchase your golden ticket, remember to arrive 30 minutes before train departure. The gate closed 15 minutes before departure in Singapore Immigration Checkpoint. Oh and remember to purchase your return ticket while you book your train ticket to JB! Taking Train to JB really save a lot of time!

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