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Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel Review - Executive King Room

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel Review

Located in the heart of orchard, the hotel is near to Shopping mall, Cinema and Orchard MRT station. Marriott Tang Plaza is one of the most iconic hotels in Orchard. Many would notice Tangs - the shopping mall, and the architecture was modelled after the palaces in the Forbidden City. Marriott Tang Plaza was built next to the mall and has a unique design in an octagon shaped with the green roof tiles. The design was inspired by Chinese culture and architecture.

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel Review
As this stay was planned to celebrate our anniversary, we paid extra $100++ for an upgrade to the executive room with lounge access. The staff was sweet to provide us with a bottle of wine and a few pieces of praline to celebrate this day with us.

Being a Gold Elite Member, we are eligible for a room upgrade and 2pm late checkout. However, the upgrade is not available as we were told that the hotel was full. Also, they only can extend late checkout till 1pm.
 Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel Review
Thankfully, the check-in was fast as there were no crowd when we were checking in. Lucky us! The crowd came after we got our keys! However, I was pretty surprised to see only 3 staff at the desk helping with the check-in on a weekend. Plus, there were no visible queues, making it pretty messy. 

Executive King Room
Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel Review
We proceed to our room at level 26 and was greeted with an amazing view! Always love rooms with a view! H & I watched the sky turn dark and the lights in everything slowly light up in the cross junction of orchard road! The view is stunning! 

The bed was huge! The mattress was medium-firm and was really comfortable! The toilet was grand and almost the same size as our common room. Room was clean generally except the carpet. H is very sensitive to dust and start to itch after staying in the room for 30 minutes. Seems like even though they refurbished the room, the carpet is still old and dusty. Thankfully, he brought his allergy medication with him. Afterwards, we visited the executive lounge for tea breaks.

Tip: Ask for a refurbished room. H’s brother visited the hotel a week before ours and was shocked by the condition of his room. Thankfully, we requested a refurbished room.

Executive Lounge 
Located at level 27, The executive lounge is spacious and suitable for business travellers as well as leisure travellers. Open from 6am to midnight, the lounge offers TWG tea, coffee from coffee machines and soda water for guest. Biscuits and muffin are the only snacks available all day.
From 5:30pm to 9:30pm, it’s the cocktail hour! Free flow of beer, wine and spirits for in-house guest! Best part? there is even a bartender mixing your cocktail for you! In-house guest can bring additional guests. However, they will be charged $45 + per meal time. Honestly, the 4-hour free-flow of drinks for the alcohol lover is a very good deal! Canapés and hors d'oeuvres are served from 5:30pm - 7:30pm. The hot food served are great! Love the lamb stew and teriyaki chicken served that evening! Desserts such as cakes are served from 7:30pm - 9:30 pm.

Like all 5 star hotel, Marriott Tangs have many in-house facilities for guest to use. Although the swimming pool is not a full size swimming pool, it is designed in a resort style. This makes tanning or chilling by the pool relaxing! After breakfast, H & I spent the morning by the pool chilling and watching kids running around. A beautiful morning isn’t it? The gym opens 24 hour and has extensive equipment for gym-goers.

Breakfast Buffet
We were given 2 options to have our breakfast. Either at the executive lounge or the Marriott Cafe. Since we visited the Marriott Cafe buffet breakfast before, we decide to have our breakfast at the executive lounge.

The breakfast spread in the executive lounge is limited. Probably only 50% of the full buffet spread compare to the ones at Marriott Cafe. However, the lounge is a lot more peaceful and quieter. Plus, the egg omelette prepared by the staff is nice! H made his own sandwich with the buffet spread ingredient as always whereas I had only a few hot food items on the plate. Nothing really stands out except for the egg omelette.

Thus, I highly recommend you to visit Marriott Cafe for breakfast as there is more variety! From cured meat to hot food, there are so many to choose from! Do not forget their bread pudding! They are so good! Also, freshly brewed coffee and juice are available in the cafe!
Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel Review
In conclusion,
the short staycation at Marriott Tang Plaza is amazing except for the cleanliness of the room! Although some part of the interior design is still dated, we still enjoy most part of the stay. Love the view from our room and the resort-style swimming pool!  

H has a complimentary stay at Marriott Tang Plaza in June and we are still considering if we should top up for the high floor and lounge access. What do you think? Do you love the lounge in the hotel or rather spend the extra money on a good meal? 

320 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238865

Watch the video of our stay here! Select HD for better quality!

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