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KLM Promotion: Fly Business Class to Bali with Economy Price to Bali today!

Fly Business Class to Bali with Economy Price today!
H & I wanted to do a last minute trip to Bali during the long holiday in August but we were too late. The August flight tickets are very expensive and I thought maybe we will just visit Malaysia for a weekend getaway. Instead of August, we decide to fly in July, hoping it to be less expensive. 

We managed to book our tickets for $586 per person! Well, you must be thinking that flying $586 for one person to Bali is still expensive. You can fly almost 2 people to Bali considering the price and duration. Yes, I have to agree with that. However, my point is, do not just check the flight ticket for economy whenever you travel. Especially when it is done quite a last minute. You may find a good deal with flying in the premium class. 

In our case, yes, its a good deal because of the dates I'm looking at. It's peak season and I book it just 1 month in advance. While the best time to book a flight is definitely during the airline promotion. 
If you search for tickets from Bali - Singapore in Oct, you can get round trip tickets for $262 with Singapore Airline during its promotion. Right now, KLM is selling economy flight ticket at $200 round trip. 

Let me show you why

While H & I was searching for flight tickets to Bali, we were really surprised by the price of the economy ticket! It was selling at $800 + for a return economy flight from Singapore to Bali with Singapore Airline. The surge was insane! Considering the journey is only a 3-hour flight, we decide to skip Singapore Airline and went ahead to search for a better deal. 

& yes, who else do we blame but ourselves for checking out the tickets 1 month before departure? Even the budget airline is selling their tickets at $400 SGD for return (no promotion when we book)
"$800 for Singapore Airline Economy flight to Bali, We can fly to Japan"

With the help of Google Flight status, we managed to find the lowest flight ticket for our trip. KLM was selling their economy direct flight ticket for $379 return with the surge. & yes, that's the kind of price we were expecting from for full-service flight. We check the business class ticket and it was going for $586! Their Business Class tickets are cheaper than Singapore Airline Economy flight! & that’s a steal! Even Business flights tickets to Kular Lumpur with advance booking cost $620 with Malaysian Air. 

Travel Tip:  Use google flight to compare the tickets. You can see the different price for every month. Flight tickets fluctuate. Thus, it is important to know how much the flight cost on a usual day cost. You don't want to be paying for economy seats when you can do so with a lower price for business class. It's always good to know your options! 

KLM is a Dutch Airline and they have daily flights from Singapore to Bali. It's our first experience with KLM business class and we are definitely looking forward to it. On a side note, a ticket from Amsterdam to Bali is $820 onwards & I’m not kidding! It's almost the same price as flying from Singapore to Bali with Singapore Airline.

Side note, you can get cheaper tickets to Bali from as low as $200 for full-service economy tickets to $500 business class tickets with travel period from September 2019 to March 2020. 

Book your ticket to Bali with KLM today 
All-in return Economy Class fares including taxes and surcharges for departure from Singapore. Book by 24 June 2019 for departure from 01 September to 30 April 2020. Minimum stay: 6 days. Maximum stay: 3 months. Changes are permitted with a fee of USD 120. Non - refundable. A stopover is permitted in each direction at a fee of SGD 100. Payment by credit card will incur fees of 1.8% and up to a maximum of SGD 25 per ticket. Valid on KLM or Air France. 

Disclaimer: Do note that this post is not a sponsored post. We paid for our own tickets & this is what really happened during our pre-flight planning. We find it interesting and decide to share with everyone who plans to visit Bali! We can't wait for our trip in July! Do you have any interesting or must-go in Bali? Share with us! We love to hear from you!


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