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The Guide to Munich Transportation Card - Price Comparison & Review

 Is Munich City Pass, Munich City Tour Card, Munich Card or Munich Day Ticket? 

H & I spent 2 full days in Munich with a day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle. Prior to the trip, there are many different tourist passes and we were not too sure which to get and which would suit our itinerary best. In this post, we will share what’s available in Munich, the advantage of getting them as well as if they are worth the price.
*Do note that this guide is only for transportation in Munich. Will share about the transportation to Salzburg and Neuschwanstein Castle with Bayern card in another post.

Here's the price comparison of the different Tourist Pass in Munich
s Munich City Pass, Munich City Tour Card, Munich Card or Munich Day Ticket?
Munich Tourist Pass Price Comparison

It is important to know where you plan to go before deciding which pass to get because the Munich Transportation network is classified into the inner zone & outside the inner zone. The easiest way to calculate how much is the cost from one destination to another is to download its mobile app. Alternatively, you can check it from the  MVV official website 

The inner zone consists of Zone 1 to Zone 4. You can find the map of Munich Inner Network & Zone here If you are planning to travel outside of the inner zone, you need to purchase the pass for the entire network or between zones. You can find the map of Munich Entire Network here

MVV transportation
Image credit: MVV

How to differentiate the different Zone of Munich Transportation?

Munich Inner District – Innenraum (white zone only)
Munich XXL (white and green zone)
Munich Outer District – Außenraum (white, green and yellow zone)
Entire Network – Gesamtnetz (all zones – white, green, yellow and red)

Single Ticket Transportation
Munich Transportation Cost
Single way ticket is available for commuters. They are the best if you only plan to use it for 1 single trip. Be it short or long. Short Distance ticket starts from 1.50 euro and the maximum travel duration is 1 hour and up to 4 stops. Read how Short Trip works here 

However, to get the most out of your single ticket transportation, you can purchase the 1 Zone ticket and transfer period is up to 3 hour. Perfect for someone who wants to get a quick breakfast before getting to your final destination of the day.

You can read more about the Single Ticket here

Munich Unlimited Transportation Only Card - Day Ticket or Group Ticket Available
Unlimited Transportation Card is one of the most popular cards in Munich. The Single Day ticket is valid for one person whereas the Group ticket allows up to 5 adults to travel. It is a pretty good deal for travellers staying in the inner zone. Especially the group ticket. 

Here’s the catch - The Day ticket is categorised between inner zone and all network zone so you have to choose correctly. Also, for the entire network group ticket, there is an only 1-day option instead of a 3-day option.

Available at: HandyTicket, MVG Ticket machines at U-Bahn Stations, MVG Customer Service Centre Marienplatz and Hauptbahnhof, buy online.  

You can read more about the Group Ticket here

Munich City Pass
is munich city pass worth it
Munich City Pass is the all-inclusive tourist pass that gains you access to most attractions in Munich. Also, it includes unlimited transport (options to choose inner and entire network) in Munich as well as the City Hop-on-Hop-off (express service only) Tour bus. This pass is totally Fuss-free and perfect for travellers who can cover many attractions with limited time. To make this city pass worth it, one has to visit at least 3 a major attraction in a day. You can purchase your Munich City Pass here .The printed voucher can be used as the Munich city pass

Munich Card aka München Card
is it worth to get Munich CArd
Unlike Munich City Pass, Munich Card includes unlimited public transport (Inner or entire network) and discount for attractions. Discount is usually 10 – 20 % off the original price. One of the advantages of the card is that it is available for group use (up to 5 adults). This card is best for travelling the entire network for both single and group travellers.

The bad thing is that it is pretty confusing. You have to plan your itinerary in advance to see if the attraction you are visiting falls in the inner network or both. If you are planning to travel to Dachau Concentration Camp, you need to purchase the entire network. Our 2 full day Munich itinerary does not include the external network so we are pretty safe.

You can purchase your Single Munich Card hereThe printed voucher can be used as the Munich Card

*Munich Card Group ticket available at HandyTicket, MVG Ticket machines at U-Bahn Stations, MVG Customer Service Centre Marienplatz and Hauptbahnhof, buy online.  Do note that the validity ends at 6:00am the day after the last valid day

CityTourCard Muenchen 
is it worth to get Munich City Tour Card
Similar to Munich Card, the Citytourcard Munich offers unlimited transportation and discounted rates for attractions. One of the difference is that CityTourCard has plans of 24 hours - 48 hours instead of 1 - 2 days that Munich Card offers. Also, City Tour Card has plans for up to 6 Days. 

Start time: 10am 1st June 
End Time: 10am 2nd June

You can refer here for more information on CityTourCard

Price Comparison of Tourist Pass in Munich
Based on our 2 full days Munich Itinerary Inner District Itinerary, Munich card is the best deal for a single traveller and group traveller for 2 people. If you are planning to spend more than 2 days in Munich City, you might want to consider purchasing City Tour Card as there are passes up to 6 days.

However, if you are only planning to visit one museum a day, the best choice is definitely to purchase unlimited transportation pass. Savings are usually 1-3 euro depends on the original price of the ticket. 

I wouldn’t really recommend the Munich City Pass for a 2 Day itinerary because most museum closes at 5pm and most of the time, you won’t have enough time to cover more than 2 major museums. Plus, one of the disadvantages of the card is that only single traveller tickets available. If you are travelling in a group, the Munich city pass can be more expensive. 

Again, if you love hop-on-hop-off bus and doing a quick tour, then getting the Munich city pass will be worth it. Imagine, doing the Munich Residenz + Treasury in the morning & doing the Deutsches Museum in the afternoon, you will get your 1 Day Munich city pass money back.

Hope this helps!

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