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Getting around Paris with Navigo, Mobilis & Single Ticket

Getting around Paris with Navigo, Mobilis & Single Ticket  , Paris itinerary

The best way to get around Paris by Public Transport 
Paris, a bustling city, has attracted many visitors around the world to their top-class museum and shopping district. The cheapest and best way to experience the city is definitely on foot. Every street and corner have a story to tell.

I remember walking by one street and see a book club. Unfortunately, there are places that are difficult to reach on foot. Thus, I hope to share with you on the passes available and which suits your travel itinerary the best.

Metro & RER Trains
Getting around Paris, Transportation in Paris, Paris Itinerary
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Paris has a very extensive public transport network. With 16 different Metro line and 5 RER regional line spread across 5 different zones, you to most of the places with public transport. The difference between RER and Metro is that RER is a faster train and do not run as frequently as the Metro.

Also, getting on the right RER train at the major metro station and can be a little tricky as you have to check the information display at the platform to know where the incoming train is heading to. The first time H & I took, we board the wrong train and ended up going in the opposite way.
Thankfully most of the attractions fall in Zone 1-3 except Versailles Palace. Thus it is important to know which stations your zone falls into. You can download the map or app to guide you. I remember we used a single ticket on for a 3 Stop via RER and couldn't exit the station. Little did we know the stop we alighted is already out of Zone 1. That shows how fast the RER train travels. 

Single Stripe Ticket
Single tickets are sold at 1.90 Euro Per ticket. Available in a booklet of 10 stripes for 14.90 Euro, this is the cheapest option to get around in Paris. We group the attractions we are visiting for our trip for the day and walk to the next attraction.

Do note that the single stripe ticket is valid for 2 hours and transfer are allowed. However, you cannot mix and match the transfer. Example: Metro-Bus

You can do transfer between
§  One Metro line to another, without exiting the confines of a station, or
§  Metro to RER trains (RER Zone 1 only)
§  2 RATP (city) Bus lines
§  1 RATP Bus and 1 Optile (suburban) bus
§  Tramway and any bus lines that cross it
§  Noctilien (night) buses (except on Noctilien buses requiring special fares

Where to get them: You can get the single ticket/set of the ticket at any metro station. Do note that the tickets you get from bus driver do are not valid for any transfer and cost 2€ each.  

You can find out more information on Single ticket here 

Mobilis Transport Pass
The Mobilis travel pass includes the use of the public transport network in Paris. The pass covers the metro, tramway, bus, RER and SNCF Transilien networks. You can select the number of days you need as well as the Zone. Each zone is price differently. We bought a 1 day Zone 1 - 4 Mobilis ticket during our visit to Versailles Palace (Zone4) 12,40 € because 1 way cost us around 6 Euro.

Validating your Mobilis ticket: Before using Mobilis, you must write your last name, first name and the day's date on the ticket.
Where to get them: Mobilis is sold in all metro, RER and tramway stations, and at all bus points of sales.
You can find out more information on Mobilis here

Passe Navigo Découverte
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The Navigo card weekly transportation card suitable for the traveller staying in Paris for 7 days! It covers all zone including Airport CDG and even Disney Land! 1-week pass cost 22.80  + 5 card fee a 1-month cost 75.20
Here’s the catch – The weekly pass is valid by week and not by days. Even if you arrive on Wednesday, you can only use it until Sunday. Also, you need 1 piece of 3cm tall by 2.5cm wide photo. You can purchase the Navigo card for the current week until Thursday midnight and Next week’s Navigo card is on sale from Friday Onwards.

Do note that this card is not for everyone. We arrived in Paris by train on Wednesday and depart on Tuesday. In between, we did a 2D1N night trip to Mont Saint Michel in between our trip. So, getting the card will not make sense for us. However, if you happen to visit Paris on a Monday and travel to/from the airport, this pass is definitely the one to go!

Where to get the Navigo card: Navigo is sold in all ticket office (physical counter) of most metro, RER and tramway stations

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