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Malaysia JB Dimsum - Restoran Gim Cheng Dim Sum

Located in Mount Austin, Restoran Gim Cheng Dim Sum is one of the most popular dim sum restaurants in JB. It makes a great breakfast in Johor especially those going taking a road trip from Singapore to Melaka or Kuala Lumpur. We stop by here for breakfast during our road trip to Melaka as it was one of the restaurants that open from 7am.

The restaurant is open sitting style, so grab any seat you can find. Also, be prepared to order the dim-sum the DIY way. Take the piece of paper given to you when you go to the Dimsum counter. Pass the staff your paper and tell the staff the items you want. They will mark the items on the paper according to the price. After you finish your meal, bring the piece of paper to cashier and pay. Do note that only cash is accepted here.
The star dish is definitely the Lou Mai Gai & Hakka Style Dimsum. Wrapped in cabbage with shrimp and meat, every mouth is very juicy and flavourful. The egg tart was surprisingly good and sold out when it came out. Not to forget about the Char Siew Bao that is equally good! Oh, and I love their home-made herbal tea too!

Sadly, not everything was to our liking especially the fried items and Hak Gau. It tasted mediocre and can be done better. The salted egg ball didn’t have any taste and can hardly be called as salted egg ball. The carrot cake was subjective because it had a very crispy skin but inside it is pretty mushy. 

Overall, Restoran Gim Cheng Dim Sum still makes a great dim sum place. Do note that it can be very crowded during the weekend! You see the queue lining up from 9am. Once, I visited around 11am and find that most items were sold out. Thus, if possible be there early!

Restoran Gim Cheng Dim Sum
Address: 2, 2, 1, Jalan Sagu 36, Taman Daya, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Daily 7am–1pm Except Wednesday

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