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Hey there! I’m Joanne @joannelowsg from Singapore. I started this humble blog to document my travel adventures and itinerary. Today, we have moved to ! 

Nope, i'm not your typical quit your work and travel the world kind of person. I started taking up vacation job since 16 yo to pay for my tickets to travel. Despite my passion for travel, I don't think i will quit my job to travel full time. I strive to have a a balance between work, family and friends.

Today, I am a realtor in Singapore who helps individual to own properties and grow their passive income ( and travel! ). Download a free copy of 7-step framework to help you identify low risk high return properties

In this blog, you won't find the perfect itinerary but you will find our honest review. We believe that every travel adventure is different and unique. Some places are boring and we won't lie about it. Nonetheless, we hope that the itinerary we share is able to gives you a glimpse of what you want to do and where you want to go! Ultimately, you create your own story!  

On some days, i would ask myself what's the purpose of having this blog? The amount of time i put in drafting itinerary, uploading photos , correcting my broken english and proof-reading it at midnight could be spent doing other leisure stuff. I tried measuring it with money (2018 Mar ) and realise i was paid $4 a month with google adsense and felt demoralised. Then, the answer came to me one night. I love remising about places i have been to and sharing it with like-mind people who loves to travel. I love it when i go back to any of the old post and the memories will come back instantly. I hope the itineraries i shared allow others to plan their trip more efficiently. 

Even with that said, your help to click on the ads or by using the affiliated links can help us to maintain and expand the travel page.  Also, by signing up for an account with Shopback , Grab and Klook supports the running of Our Travel Itinerary -Travel Adventures blog via a referral benefit. 

If you like our content or find it helpful, please feel free to share this post with your family and friends! Please be assured that all reviews stated in this blog are based on our honest opinion and solely paid by ourselves unless stated. 

My travel style had change over the years. It used to be i-must-see-everything-in-that-country to i-don't-want-to-feel-rush. Plus, travelling with H now also means that we have to include many food stop. H is a huge foodie at heart. We could be having 6 different meal (small/sharing portion) back to back on the same day. Needless to say, thanks to him, i get to try a lot of good food. 

From carrying a bag pack to dragging huge luggage across the world, I’m thankful to have these opportunities to explore places beyond the little red dot.I like to capture these adventures through photography and started to experiment various camera for different effects. I’m using Iphone & Canon 5DM2 for photos. 

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