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W Singapore - Sentosa Cove – Fabulous Room Review

To celebrate this year Valentine’s Day, H book a staycation at W hotel. Open in 2012, W Hotel is located in Sentosa Cove, one of the most unique lands in Singapore. Other than having the view of the sea, one can find upscale residential building here. The 7 Storey Hotel has 213 rooms and 27 suites ready for guest to stay. There are 8 types of room with Wonderful room being the basic tier to Extreme Wow suite to being the most luxurious room in the hotel.

Fun fact: Foreigners are welcome to purchase residential homes in Sentosa Cove.

Getting to W Hotel Sentosa
W Singapore Free Shuttle Servic

As W Hotel Sentosa is located in Sentosa Cove, visiting W Hotel Sentosa is a lot more convenient with complimentary shuttle services from the Hotel. You can board the shuttle service at Vivocity Taxi Stand (Near Crystal Jade Restaurant). Without the shuttle service, I doubt anyone would want to come in. With the free shuttle service, guest can get around Sentosa too. You can refer here for the shuttle services in SentosaGuest driving in to the hotel or arriving by Taxi can show the ticket officer hotel itinerary to avoid paying $6 for entry to Sentosa.
Checking in
We visited on a Sunday afternoon and there is no crowd. Check-in was fuss-free with concierge staff explaining the amenities and benefits. We book a room and was pleasantly surprised to know that we got an upgrade to top floor Fabulous Room as one of the perks of being Marriott Gold Member. Also, we were given 2 complimentary drinks to be redeemed at the pool or Woobar. In addition, We were given 2 x Sentosa entrance ticket and is valid for 3 days. 

The Room
The room was 431 sqft size and was fashionably-fun designed. Plus, the room that we stayed came with a stunning view of the pool. Not to forget the room has great soundproofing because we couldn’t hear the music when we close the balcony. To add on, the room is decorated with beautiful illuminated floral wall motifs, it definitely stands out among other luxury hotels in Singapore.

Unfortunately, the glamorous part ends here. The mattress was soft and sunk in when I sat on it. The room had musky smell despite only being an 8-year-old hotel. Lastly, I was trapped in the shower area because of a faulty glass door. It was kind of a disaster during our stay there. & yes, it’s very common that W Hotel has faulty bathroom doors. Other guest had experienced the same issue and thankfully I didn’t break the glass door. I wrote in the next day to feedback on the issue but was utterly disappointed to find a standard reply given to every guest. There were neither no recovery action taken by the hotel to the guest. On a brighter side, the staff got back to us and share that sliding door works well now! The only thing left in the room is now the musky smell! 

Dining Option

The hotel had limited dining options in the hotel  - SKIRT, The Kitchen Table and Woo Bar. Thankfully, Quayside that is a few minutes of walk away, offering more options to the guest. As H & I visited the hotel restaurant a couple of years back at Kitchen Table for lunch and find it overprice with mediocre food, we took the shuttle service out to Vivocity for dinner.

Breakfast at Kitchen table
Our room came with a complimentary buffet breakfast at the Kitchen Table. We were surprised to find that the buffet spread to be decent with international flavours available. Our favourite item was from the Egg Menu. We ordered Eggs Florentine and eggs benedict and both were perfectly prepared.


The swimming pool is gorgeous and probably one of the highlights of the hotel. They even have a slide for the guest to have fun! Plus, having music by the poolside definitely brings up the mood! They even have a pool side bar for guest who wants to chill out. 
The gym is fully equipped with all the fancy equipment and I think fitspo out there will love it! They even have a fit vibe machine for those who just want to stand on the machine to shake the calories away.

In conclusion
I find that W Hotel Singapore puts a lot of effort in its common area such as façade and amenities for their guest. Unfortunately, they missed out the most important area – which is the room itself.

The rooms are dated and more can be done to give the room refresh. Service by staff was great but the condition of the room was a major turn off. Considering it to be $400/night, the money can be spent elsewhere. Our stay at The Outpost Hotel Sentosa was a lot better than the W Hotel. So basically, the hotel is a look nice on the outside but crappy on the inside.

If you are looking for a staycation in Sentosa, you may want to check out The Outpost Hotel Sentosa as they offer a better room and price tag. Alternatively, you may want to stay on the main island in Singapore. More hotel reviews on hotels here

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