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Central Japan Road Trip Itinerary - Matsumoto Castle

Matsumoto is the second-largest city in Nagano and home to renown artist – Yayoi Kusama. Strategically located in between many attractions (Kamikochi, Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine route and etc), Matsumoto city makes a good base trip. After our stay in Takayama, we set off to Matsumoto city as we are travelling back to Tokyo.

Matsumoto Castle
Built-in 1592 to 1614, Matsumoto Castle is one of the castles that was well kept in its original structure. We visited the castle in the late morning and walks up the narrow and steep stairs to get to the next level. Wooden interior and architecture provide an authentic experience when we explore the castle. Favourite part of the castle is definitely the observation deck. Not only one can enjoy unblocking view of the castle vicinity, but it also has a great view of the garden.

Unfortunately, our plans to continued got cancelled. Thus, we set off for Tokyo afterwards. The straight 6 hours ride back to Tokyo was insane and thanks to H, we managed to arrive safely. Nagano is located right in the centre of Japan. Nagano prefecture huge and if you are planning to explore that region, I highly recommend you to spend more time there! We spend 6 days and it wasn’t enough.

Other things to do in Matsumoto
Daio Wasabi Farm
credit: wiki common
Fans of Wasabi will not miss this opportunity to visit the popular Wasabi Farm in Matsumoto. A 30-minute drive from Masumoto Castle, one will find this quaint farm and restaurants nearby. Besides, it is located near the river - 三連水車! Sound like a nice place for a stroll!

credit: wiki common
Located near the train station and Masumoto Castle hides a beautiful shopping street. The historical buildings are under preservation. The warehouse during Edo era has converted to shops and cafes for visitors. Definitely, the perfect place to settle in café & people-watch in Matsumoto City!  

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