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Yangon Itinerary - 5 day 4 Night

Min-Ga-La-Ba Yangon!

Myanmar is probably one of the most memorable trip i have visited so far. Unlike others, I had spent 5 Day 4 Night in Yangon ( due to reschedule of flight),  explored Yangon at a pretty slow pace. Met new friends, move out of my own comfort zone, did things that i thought i wouldn't. What i love most about the country is the culture and people. They are very friendly and down to earth.  To be honest, most attractions can be done in 3 Days 2 Night. some would combine one or two places such as Mandalay or Bagan. 

Stayed in 30th Corner Boutique Hostel and thought that both its location and accommodation is good. It is located in the downtown and from there you can visit attractions such as Sule Pagoda, Circular Train Station, City hall, Bogyoke Market, Chinatown, Little India and etc.   

Taxi from Airport to downtown cost 7000 kyat and takes around 40 minutes. Whereas daily transportation cost me around 2000-2500 kyat from downtown to places like Shewedagon Pagoda and People's Park. 3000 kyat from downtown to Inya Lake and the most i paid for taxi was 3500 kyat from downtown to Inya Lake. Ask and negotiate for price because there were occasions where i was quote double. Another point to note is to ensure that the driver know how to go to that place or have the address written down in Burma. There were several occasion wherhe drivers do not know the place and end up getting lost.  

Other than that, i feel that the best way to travel in Yangon is by foot. 

Summary of the Trip
Day1: Airport -Golden Duck- 30th Hostel - Walking Tour
Day2: Bogyoke Market ( Scott Market)- Bogyoke Museum- People's Park- Shewdagon Pagoda
Day3: Yangon Circular Train - Night Market at Chinatown/Little India
Day4: Bike Tour with BWM- Feel Restaurant- Massage 
Day5: Home Sweet Home

Day 1: Airport -Golden Duck- 30th Hostel - Walking Tour

Kan Taw Mingalar Garden Compound, Shwedagon Pagoda

These kampong duck are really good. Definitely one of the best duck i ever had. The meat was tender and juicy. Other than the duck, i find that the rest of dishes are mediocre. Still, it is one of the best meal i had in Yangon.

Walking Tour

Wanted to join the walking tour at 4pm but it was pouring. Hence i did a walking tour on my own. Visited Sule Pagoda, Cityhall and etc.  I saw these boys having a good time playing soccer in the middle of street.  

Daw Saw Yi
Visited Daw Saw Yi , a local Myanmar Restaurant that was located at the next street for dinner. It was highly recommended by the hostel staff as well as the lonely planet. However, i felt that the place was overrated. The food were really salty and not to my liking. In addition, the portion were quite small for a fish , watercrest vegetables and soup. - 3000 kyat

Day 2: Bogyoke Market ( Scott Market)- Bogyoke Museum- People's Park- Shewdagon Pagoda

Most shops open at 9am and close at 5pm. There are lots of jewellery (pearls and gold) and souvenirs ( Magnets, longyi and etc). However compare to its neighbouring country, this market has more room for improvement.  
Bogyoke Museum

A place that is worth going if you are interested in how Burma Great Leader, Aung San and his family use to live back then. Bought a book and spent my entire afternoon reading about Aung San and how he got assassinated. - 300 kyat per entry. No photography allow.

Refuse to pay 3000 kyat for a short ride from Bogyoke Aung San museum to People's Park, i decided to walk my way out to the street to get a taxi. A pretty rewarding walk. 

People's Park

No idea how i walk through people's park without paying any entrance fee (5USD). The best thing about the park is that it had a great view of Shewdagon Pagoda. I had a good quiet walk in the park and people watch.
(PS: burmese couple love to hang out in the park with an umbrella. haha)

Shewdagon Pagoda

One of the highlight of the trip, Shewdagon Pagoda. Was really fortunate to visit the pagoda with perfect weather. With the sunset shining on the pagoda, they look really magnificent. Sat there and watch people come and go. Local coming with their families, Monk and nuns doing their prayer. Also, with the incense smell , it reminded me of home.

Day 3: Yangon Circular Train - Night Market at Chinatown/Little India
Took a 3 hours of train ride around Yangon in its Circular Train (loop) and it was amazing! Plantation, rice farm reflected another side of Myanmar. 

Night Market at Chinatown/Little India

Both Streets are located near to the hostel and walk there for around 20 minutes.To be honest, yangon night market is one of the most boring Chinatown/Little India i have been to. There are lots of street food and mobile shops.  

Day4: Bike Tour with BWM- Feel Restaurant

Did one of the craziest thing in my life. I joined a bike tour with Bike World in Yangon with zero mountain biking experience. Some said i was courageous, other were laughing at how slow and lousy i were. But nonetheless i had a great time there. Despite all the fall, bruises and getting myself dirty, the experience was really good. I got a better insight of the rural area in Myanmar. I got to witness how some of the farmers live and the kids i met there are really friendly and cheerful. They were shouting min-ga-la-ba as they line up in a row. Then they would stick their hand out and giving you a Hi 5! To be honest,they gave me tons of moral support to finish the race. 

Not forgetting the bike tour guides that help me along the way. Really appreciate what they did. (: 

124 Pyi Htaung Su Yeikthar StreetYangon (Rangoon)Myanmar

After a rough day out in the field, visited Feel Restaurant with Katy and guess what? this is probably the best meal i had in Yangon! The stir fry squid with garlic was my favorite among all. Also, the shrimp with chili were big and yummy. Really glad that i manage to visit that place. 

(Ps: A Must-go!)

Definitely not the best guide but i hope it helps!
Till the next trip!

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