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China: Hangzhou, Wuzhen, ShangHai & Suzhou 5 Days 5 Nights Itinerary ( Part 3 - Shanghai)

Shanghai, capital city of china is the largest city by population in the world. This means that everywhere you go, be prepared to queue up. This metropolis serves the largest base of Chinese Technology industry, seaports as well as financial center. Although i am not surprise to see high rise building, i am quite excited to walk down the streets in Shanghai. The fusion between modern and traditional design made them very unique. 

Haidilao 海底捞火锅

First stop in Shanghai was Haidilao steamboat/hotpot (海底捞火锅). Haidilao is a very popular Steamboat restaurant chain in China. Although they are more expensive than local steamboat restaurant, the quality they provide exceed many. Despite the long waiting time, many still queue for it. During the wait, ladies can do basic manicure for FREE and they provide snacks and beverages to ease the pain of waiting. Pretty cool customer service huh?

To begin with, you have to choose the base soup for your steamboat. One table can choose up to 4 flavor for your soup base. Best of all, You can choose the spicy level for all soup.

Next, you select the food you want to order. Unlike traditional Chinese steamboat, hadi lao allows you to order the food in half size or full size. This is perfect for small groups or even individual.We ordered mushroom, bacon strips, vegetables, fishball, luncheon meat and fish. Total bill was around 200 rmb for 2 pax plus which was around $23 sgd per pax. Perfect dinner for a rainy day! It really warm your heart and soul. Most importantly, your tummy! 


Nangxiangluo, a chinese restaurant with many years of history, produce one of the best xiaolongbao you can find in Shanghai. Felt in love with them as they melts in my mouth. Be it take away or dine in, you have to be early because the waiting time will be very long during peak hours.  I prefer the xiaolongbao compare to the tang bao. Unlike xiao long bao, the skin of Tang bao is too thick. Also, bite size are always better!

Nanjing Street/TheBund/Yu Garden & Old Town/Nanshi

As the sky turn dark, the laser lights came out. It light up our heart in the rainy night. We kept walking and reach Yu Garden after 40 minutes. The size of yu garden is small compare to others. A little sad that we couldn't enjoy the walk cause it was too dark. Nonetheless, it was nice to pass by the garden before reaching Old Town. The structure of old town is very unique. It is a fusion of east and west. Old town used to be defined as a defensive fall in Shanghai to keep out Japanese Pirates. It was later demolished in the 19 century. It became what it is today after revolution and influences from foreigners.  

Shanghai museum
After the first failed attempt to visit Shang Hai Museum on our first day, we visited the museum ( as it was highly rated in trip advisor) the next day. The Singaporean theory - "the longer the queue is, the better the stuff are." Sadly it does not apply to this. Shanghai museum is not as interesting as I thought it will be. Personally I think the museums in Beijing are a lot better and more interesting. 

Dorsette, Shanghai
We choose Dorsette, Shanghai for its location and affordable price (97USD). It is located along Line 2 & has a direct route from Hong Qiao Train Station (Perfect for those taking train from other place). Although not located in the prime attraction area, staying right at to the doorstep of a subway station made everything else easy. Also, there are many attractions are located along line 2. Room is clean and bed is comfortable. I am definitely coming back to this hotel next time.


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