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Poland Warsaw Itinerary 3 Day 2 Night

Warsaw, capital of Poland, had experienced numerous destructive events. Steep in history, Warsaw is very different from the rest of European countries. Other than it being name as one of the cheapest place to visit in Europe, it is said to be one of the most boring place in Europe too. Nonetheless, we made a short stopover to Warsaw for 2 nights before heading to Berlin.

Summary of the trip 
Day 1: Warsaw - Flea Market Kolo Bazar or Bazar Na Kole- Old town – Christmas Market - Zlote Tarasy
Day 2- Warsaw Uprising museum - Hala Mirowska Market - Old town - Pub & Book Bar

Day 3- Warsaw -Berlin 

“ Polish do not smile “
Although the polish does not like to smile but deep down they are kind and warm hearted. We took a while to figure it out but there are many occasions where the help us out of good will (with stern look of course). Thus E and I concludes that they are not good with expressing themselves, they have a bad day or they are being true to themselves. I tried searching for answers to that and I thought this is pretty interesting.

Flea Market Kolo Bazar or Bazar Na Kole
Visited the flea market and people sell almost everything there. Pre love items as well as antiques, a place where you can find hidden gems from ww2. E bought lots of badges from the stall and probably at a ripped off price. (Cause we didn’t bargain and they happily throw in other badges for her) so be sure to bargain.
Old town

More than just an attraction, Old Town (Stare Miasto) is a place that will take you back to the past. What many do not know is that post war has caused this place to be nearly 80% destructed and it took many years and effort to rebuild this place. The reconstruction of Warsaw was build by the whole nation in 1945. Today, Warsaw old town is listed as one of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After 5 years of reconstruction, Old Town was successfully restored. Today Old Town remains to be one of the most popular attractions in Warsaw.

Christmas market 
Located along the streets in Old Town, we were surprise to find these markets there. There are a wide selection of polish food, European snacks and souvenirs. What I love most is the Christmas atmosphere is there. The streets are filled with parent bringing out their little ones and it warms my heart to see them. 

Zlote Tarasy

Located next to the central train station, Zlote Tarasy is one of the big Malls in Warsaw. With its unique dome glass structure, it definitely have stood out among other mall. Other than its attractive exterior, one can find international brand such as H&M, Topshop, Panadora and etc

Warsaw Uprising Museum

" Poland fights" 
Packed with interactive displays, videos and photographs, Warsaw Uprising Museum is one of the most popular museums in Poland. The museum provides very informative details on one of the most historical event in Poland. From life under Nazi rule to polish’s resistance, it is something not one can truly understand in one day.

Hala Mirowska Market
Like many buildings, Hala Microwska was one of the building that with witness Waraw;s History. Before WW2, this place used to be a bustling marketplace for polish. However during WW2, everything were destroyed. Thankfully the walls remained. Today, it is one of the local’s favorite market. Other than the two markets in the building, there are many street peddler.

This market is one of my favourite because we found shops selling traditional polish snacks that was really good. Unlike shopping malls, you will see many elderly shopping for their groceries and queuing up to purchase medicine from the pharmacy. It is pretty nice to experience the local market like this.

Arkadia Shopping mall
Similar to Zlote Tarasy, Arkadia Shopping mall is another favorite mall among the Polish. It is huge! The biggest shopping mall in Warsaw and in Central Europe (2007) Not sure if there are any malls bigger than that after that. Needless to say, international brands are there. So you do not have to worry anything about the brands. Also, it is pretty accessible as it is connected to 10 tram lines.

Pub & Book Bar

Nope, I didn’t manage to find any book in the bar but I found a pretty nice place to chill in Old Town. Great ambience and there are quite abit of drinks selection for you to choose from. I felt like I walk into 1970s movie film where people gathers. At one corner of the bar top, you see a couple whispering and giggling away.

With whiskey on one hand and cigar on another, we end our last night in Poland.

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