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Singapore Garden Festival 2016

This year, Singapore Garden Festival (SGF), brings us to a magical world. From 23 July 2016 to 31 July 2016,  SGF not only showcase stunning Garden Design, there are many floral creation that are equally gorgeous! We spend our morning walking from The Meadow, Bayfront Plaza, Marketplace and The Flower Dome.

My favorite section got to be at The Meadow, where all the “magic” happens. From the dream designer garden to secret garden, I was hoping that I can own one of these garden. In the Bayfront Plaza, you get to see all the exquisite competition art piece by the many talented artist. 

If you are planning to visit SGF this weekend, do note that tickets come in a bundle with Flower Dome (which means free visit to Flower Dome!) Also, you can visit the Flower dome on a separate day within 23 July – 31 July. However do note that if you are purchasing weekday tickets, you are only allowed to enter flower dome on a weekday. More information can be found here.  Tickets can be purchase online but you can save some money with these discount cards if purchase your ticket at the booth.

Although the trip to Singapore Garden Festival was a impromptu  I’m glad we made it here! It has been awhile since I visited SGF. Fresh flowers in full bloom definitely made my weekend better!

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