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Hong Kong 4 Day 3 Night Itinerary ( Hong Kong Central, Lamma Island, Cheung Chau Island)

My third visit to Hong Kong was a whole new experience. Thanks to H, I got to trek at various hong kong island and eat authentic Hong Kong food. This trip is definitely the best trip to hong kong because we don't have to squeeze in the crowd and queue up hours for a ride/attraction. I like it that we don't have to rush from attraction to attraction or even squeeze with everyone in the MTR. The only time we queue up for something is for the food. Yay to food!  

This trip covers the "less travelled path" and thus it may not be suitable for first time visitor. Still, I hope the itinerary helps to give one a different perspective of Hong Kong! Check out top tips to save money when travelling in Hong Kong! 

Day 1: Airport - 勝香園/ Sing Heung Yuen - Lamma Island – Yung Shue Wan – Ah Po Beancurd –  Sok Kwu Wan Jetty – Enroute back to Airbnb – Lamma Grill
Day 2: Lamma Wind – Shelly Cheesecake –- Dian Dian Xin – Yi Shun Milk Pudding/ Australian Dairy Co. – Ichiran – Nakamura Tokichi
Day 3: Cheung Chau Island – Mongkok Street – Fei Jie – Da Jia Le Cha Chan Ding
Day 4: 勝香園/ Sing Heung Yuen – Jenny Biscuit – Pierre Herme – Hotel – Airport


We make sure to fill our tummy full before anything else! H brought me to his favourite Da Pai Dang ( Roadside eatery ) before heading to Lamma Island. This affordable and delicious eatery is hidden somewhere in the CBD. 勝香園/ Sing Heung Yuen is easily one of my favourite meal! We went back twice for the toast and tomato noodle! 

Then, H & I escape from the city and hide in one of the many island Hong Kong offers – Lamma Island. (2D1N Lamma Island Itinerary) We were lucky that the weather is good and managed to explore the island from one end to another. We stop by Ah Po Toufu to try out the popular Dao Huey – Chinese Dessert and took a short break before we continue to hike! We end our night with sumptuous dinner at Lamma Grill! We had delicious pork ribs and cheese fries that makes my stomach satisfied! Also, there was a board game to keep us entertained! Definitely, a place to visit at night!

The next morning, we visit Lamma Wind before heading back to Hong Kong Central. It was definitely a smaller scale wind farm compared to the ones I saw in Australia. Nonetheless, it was a good hike up there. I love how the wind blows the worries off my face. Everything seems so pretty when you are in a good mood, let alone the scorching sun. Stop by Shelly exp cheesecake before rushing back. I love the peach smoothie! Anw H finds the tofu cheesecake nice but I thought it was pretty mediocre.
In the afternoon, we went back to Mongkok and Met up with K, my dearest friend. From there we begin our food expedition. She brought us to Dian Dian Xin, Dim-sum restaurant near our hotel cause we were too tired to travel elsewhere. & according to her Singaporean Friends, this place is nice! Haha! True enough, the food there is pretty good and affordable! Next, it was Australian Dairy Co. for dessert. Had it twice in Macau and it definitely satisfies my sweet tooth.

Soon enough, we fell into a food comma and head back to the hotel for some rest. The weather in Hong Kong is no joke. When the sun goes down, we went out to hunt again. After our visit to Ichiran in Tokyo, I know we won’t be going back without having it Hong Kong. The noodles did not disappoint H. Although the queue was crazy, we think it is worth our time! Also, we killed our time catching Pokemons! 

After dinner was dessert. We went to Nakamura Tokichi as it was highly recommended by K! We were super lucky to be let into the restaurant at 8.58 pm when their last order is at 9.00pm. No doubt the desserts are as good as the internet claims! The matcha ice cream is so rich that you wouldn’t mind having more if your pocket allows.

 The weather didn’t stop us from visiting Cheung Chau island. Thankfully we didn’t. The view is gorgeous! Although there are more visitors, most of them are there for the beach (thankfully! Phew!). There are a lesser crowd during the hike. Plus, it’s a pretty easy walk with a rewarding view. On a side note, the island is very different from Lamma island. Although, it is more commercialise but in a good way I guess. There are more options for food! I love the Mango Mochi & fishball there! Don’t go home without trying them! Click here to read more about day trip to Cheung Chau Island 
Head back to Mong Kok in the evening and immerse ourselves with the crowd. The road was closed , Loud music, street food and performance. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. Finally, I manage to get H’s craving fix. FeiJie! If you are in for some challenge/intestine, be sure to head over! I gave them a missed and tried the cuttlefish stick. It’s super good! I wish there are more variety for me to choose from! We got tired before 8pm and decide to end the night watching HK movie in the room. Cold War still my favorite among all! 

Day 4

We spend our last day getting some of the local goodies before heading back. Head over to勝香園/ Sing Heung Yuen to get my craving for toast fixed. Then, we went to get Jenny Biscuit – their butter cookies are super good! Finally, visited Pierre Herme to get the super pretty and delicious macaroons! They were like my trophy for the trip! Each piece can get me one decent plate of chicken rice. But well, Sister low say she wants it.

Dim Sum used to be the first and only thing that came to my mind whenever someone mention Hong Kong. Other than that, I feel that Hong Kong is pretty similar to Singapore. However after this trip, i'm so glad that my perspective of Hong Kong has changed. We even have a few more place to go for our next trip! 

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