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Things to know before visiting Australia - Melbourne & Sydney

1. Visa 
Other than citizen from New Zealand, the rest of us need to get a visa. I got mine from Recommended by PY, this website not only offers cheaper visa rate compare to the official website, they help to do it for free if your visa got rejected. Fuss free and cheap! I believe there are other website that offer the same service too! 

2. Sim Card 
Many website recommended getting $2 SIM card from Optus for 500 mb per day while I recommend getting this - (Telstra Promo ends on 31 Jan 2017) It's $10 for 7 days and comes with 6GB of data. It works well both in Melbourne and Sydney! What a steal! 

3.  Melbourne Transportation 

Melbourne Airport to City 
There are several options to get to Melbourne CBD from the airport. The easiest way is to purchase the sky bus pass - $19 one way and $36 for return. Sky bus offers shuttle service from Southbank station to many hotels in Melbourne. Check here to see if your hotel is one of the list. Once you arrive at the station, remember to inform the staff at the counter your hotel and number of passenger boarding the bus. Wait for them to call your hotel. Duration estimated around 1 hr from airport. 
Ps: If you have more than 2 person, Uber can be another option. 
Transportation in Melbourne City

Driving in Melbourne city isn't cheap. With carpark fee in CBD costing as much as $12-$18 per hour, you really don't want to park your car there. There are Free City tram available in the city. This makes it great because most city attraction can arrive by foot. Check out the free city tram service here and here for map 

Do note that if you are visiting outside the free tram area, you will need to tap the card on/off. 

Myki card 
Like many transportation card, Myki allows you to transfer from different mode of transport easily. There are several type of card available for tourist to choose from. They have Myki Explorer MykiMoney and Myki Pass. Myki Explorer that cost $15 for unlimited public transport ride/day in Melbourne. Whereas with Myki Money, you ‘pay as you go’ in the selected zone for 2 hours. Lastly, with Myki pass you get unlimited travel in chosen zone for 7 days or more 

Click here to estimate the travel fare and decide what card you want to get

Tip: on weekends and public holiday, you do not have to pay more than $6.00 per day for unlimited travel in Zone 1 + 2 and $7.80 on weekday

4. Sydney Transportation
Sydney Airport to city 
The easiest way is to take airport link - express train from Sydney airport to CBD for $17.90 per pax. While it is not the cheapest option to choose from, it’s the fastest. Otherwise you might consider taking uber if you have more than 2 pax

Sydney Public Transportation 
Although there are many accessible public transport available  (light rail, train, ferry and bus) in Sydney and it can be quite confusing at time. Especially when calculating the cost for the trip and the mode of transport. One can use this to estimate the cost before deciding which mode is the best. Thankfully optus card is free of charge! Although transportation in Sydney is not cheap too. I think we spend 50 Aud/pax on transportation .

Check out 9D8N Melbourne Sydney Itinerary Hope it helps!


  1. hi, i used link to apply my visa but they never ask me the travel date. It is all right?

    1. hi yes, it’s alright. if i’m not wrong, after you apply for visa, you should get a confirmation mail within 24 hours. so the 1 year visa validity should start from the next day you applied. you can clarify with the website/agent if you didn’t receive any email

      safe trip! (:


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