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#TravelTales - The Great Ocean Road

The unspoken travel stories that wasn’t share. What seems to be glamorous may not be what it actually is. Here’s the first of many travel stories to come - My inner thoughts and personal experience.

The Great Ocean Road Trip. Click here for itinerary
I was singing to myself as we push the trolley along the aisle in Coles supermarket, picking up the essentials – Mineral water, Ginger beer, strawberries, potato chips and maltese chocolates for our Great Ocean Road trip. Essential? Haha

What seems to be exciting and fun last for only 1 hour prior the drive because the first part of the drive felt like forever. Plus, I have to be alert even though I wasn’t driving. Being H’s assistant, I have to worry about many things. “ Is he thirsty? Do he need a break? Hungry? Bored? Backache? Drive within limit? On track? “ 101 question flow into your mind when you sit beside the driver. Gone are the days when my only worries is to think “what are we having for dinner later?"
After almost 3 hours of drive and multiple stop, we finally reach bay of island. Sunset over the bay of island, the view seems so surreal. Plus, we had the whole place to ourselves! It brings visiting the attraction to a whole new level. Then, my mind start to wander again. Perhaps waking up with a view like this everyday doesn’t seem that bad. H will prepare english breakfast every morning, I will bake muffin for tea and perhaps spaghetti for lunch/dinner. Then, the asian part of me wakes me up before I can continue to dream.

Three hours of drive to airport? You kidding me? What about your favorite asian food? Carrot cake? Prawn noodle and Asam Laksa? Anyway, the dream only last for few minutes. Haha. Definitely not feasible! Not long after, we set off to our airbnb accommodation for the night. I love the stay at allansford! The host are really warm and friendly! Plus they have really adorable dogs! They will follow you wherever you go! 
The next day, I was woken up by the smell of bacon! H woke up early to prepare breakfast and my morning is complete!Then, we set off for the great ocean drive. The view is amazing. Plus, there are many bend along the coastal, making it a little more exciting! The best part of the stop over was at the 12 apostles. We are like the human-houseflies transporter. Houseflies can wait for us at designated stop and fly onto our back when they see us, rest and chill till we arrive at their destination. Jokes aside, I love gibson steps! The gibson steps lead us to the beach. From there you can see the standing tall. Plus the strong wind blowing against us and the sound of waves crashing on to the beach definitely increase the level of endorphin.

The initial plan was to visit lighthouse. However we gave up halfway because the drive was really deep in. Plus H wasn’t interested to see the lighthouse because it will take him another 20 mins to drive out to main road. We made a detour and guess what, there is a little surprise we met along the road. We saw these alpaca!There are so cute , smart and nonchalant. H manage to lure one of the alpaca over using wild grass. Within second he know H was being a jerk so he left him. Haha

We continue our drive along apollo bay for cheap thrill at great ocean road brewery as well as affordable fish and chip that help H forget his long drive on the road. Before the sky turn dark, we set off to our airbnb at sugarloaf. 
"Awwww so beautiful, let’s snap a few photo before it turn completely dark and we freeze to death in this cold weather. " 

We were in time for the last light! Sadly, beautiful moment only last for that few minutes. Upon arrival, we were chided for not checking itinerary, left alone to search for our room even though the host clearly knows who we are and where is our room. It doesn’t help that there is limited internet connection there and the weather being cold at night. :( 

“Can I not shower for the night? I’m freezing!” The answer is straight forward enough for me to pack my toiletries and hop over to the common toilet. After being the human-houseflies transporter for the day, I had to.
The next morning, we pack and left immediately after washing up. We stop by kenneth river for breakfast and our mood change instantly! Good food and nice cup of coffee really helps! After the breakfast, we went to search for “Wild Koala”. #cheapthrill . Besides searching for the two legendary wild koala, I found the koala have some resembles to H. Haha ( Because he only wears grey shirt!) 
Soon after, we arrive at the Avalon airport and fly to Sydney for our next lap of adventure! Although the great ocean road trip is not as relaxing it seems to be, i truly love the scenic view and walk! Very often, I would imagine myself staying along of the coast, probably apollo bay and my friends being my neighbours. One on my left and another on my right. We would visit each other whenever we are bored. Catch a movie at one’s place and gossip at another. Most of the time, we will just have fun and count our remaining days we have on earth. It seems like the kind of dream retirement life I would want to have. 

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  1. The past few years this yearning to experience constant new experiences has taken root and I have come to find that people can live nomadic lives and its something I feel I need. I need some ROAD TRIP as well!


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