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Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

“ I just wanna go on more adventures. Be around good energy.
Connect with people. Learn new things and grow”
2017 - a year filled with lots of gratitude. Despite the hectic schedule and stress, I'm glad that H & I still manage to took some time off to travel. Even though we did less and mostly short trip, it was fun. These retreats definitely help us to unwind and rediscover ourselves. #hsjotravels

Malaysia – Penang 
The first time I took a flight was to Penang. Back then, probably 6 year old, i already knew Penang was a food paradise. So, when H say he wants to go Penang for a food trip, I agreed! 

What I love most about Penang: Food. The 888 Prawn noodle. The prawn noodle is so flavourful that i can finish 2 bowl. Here’s the list of my favourite food inPenang.
What I dislike most about Penang: Public transportation in Penang. Taxi are expensive and drivers usually quote too high. Thankfully there is private hire to choose. 
The Most memorable experience in Penang: Cycling in Penang George Town! We rented a 4pax bicycle and race with the cars on street. Just kidding. We cycled at a tortoise-pace speed and search for the beautiful art mural. 

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Thailand - Chiang Mai
Spent 2 weeks in Chiang Mai a few years back and when H decides to go to Chiang Mai for a retreat, i was elated! The weather is perfect! Plus staying in the a treehouse is in my bucket list !

What I love most about Chiang Mai: Close to nature and Cooling weather 
What I dislike most about Chiang Mai: Transportation in Chiang Mai. Thankfully there is private car for hire
The Most memorable experience in Chiang Mai: Cycling on the street in Raebang Tree house resort. It was a cold and peaceful morning. We went cycling and explpore the little town with bicycle condition worse than Ofo. Oh we even saw a cow!

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Maldives is never in my list but now I’m dying to return. The gorgeous view we wake up to every morning is something that I will never forget.

What I love most about Maldives: Clear blue skies and calming sea.
What I dislike most about Maldives: The food in the resort. After the third meal in the resort, i was sick of it.
The Most memorable experience in Maldives: Chilling in the over-water resort room.Honestly, one of the best decision we did was to book the over-water room. You just have to open the window and you get to enjoy the view without having to endure the unbearable heat. Heat in Maldives is not a joke.  

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Thailand - Bangkok
Every trip to Bangkok look the same but actually is different. Other than going back to our favourite food place, we explore new attractions! Kanchanaburi! 

What I love most about Bangkok: Food. Spoilt with lots of choices!
What I dislike most about Bangkok: The traffic.
The Most memorable experience in Bangkok: Kayaking in River Kwai.  2D1N trip to Kanchanaburi was really fun. Yes you heard me! Kanchanaburi! We even kayak in River Kwai! 

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Myanmar - Bagan & Mandalay
H & I have always wanted to visit the country together and I’m so glad we did it this year. Visiting Myanmar sure bring back lots of good memories.

What I love most about Myanmar: The architect in Bagan. The temples and pagoda look so magical during sunset.
What I dislike most about Myanmar: Not enough information at most place of attraction. We had to read most of the information from the internet. Again, this can be avoided if we had hire a guide.
The Most memorable experience in Myanmar: Riding E-scooter in Bagan. Initially, We couldn’t get it right but after H master the trick, getting around in Bagan is easy and fun!

This pretty much sum up my trip in 2017. & my favourite trip of the year goes to Maldives! Even though I turned 2 shade darker, Maldives is truly a beautiful country and place to be. Perhaps it was also because Maldives has surprise me with its own charm. 
“ The best things happen unexpectedly”  
So What's coming in 2018? But one thing i will keep in mind is to be a little more fearless. H & I are moving to the next phase of life and we can't wait to share with you more! On a side note, I’m thankful that this little space is growing. Thank you guys! I hope to share more in 2018!

Cheers to another beautiful year! Stay safe & happy! 

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