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Accommodations in Switzerland - Top hotel Restaurant Anker Luzern , Youth hostel Interlaken , Hotel Alpina Murren

During our 5 day 4night trip to Switzerland, H & I spent every night at different accommodation. Some were really good and value for money but there are some that you wish you didn't choose it. Below are the accommodation we had stayed. On our last night in Bern, we stayed in a Airbnb apartment because we had to leave the apartment at 6. So we didn’t see any point to spend it at the hotel.  

Top hotel Restaurant Anker Luzern - Junior Suite
On our first night in Switzerland, we stayed at Anker Hotel Lucerne. Located in the city center, the hotel is near to many main attractions. It is 10 minutes walking distance away from the train station and easy to locate.

Upon check in, we were greeted by a very friendly receptionist and had a pleasant surprise. The hotel upgraded our room to Junior Suite. Yay! Plus, the hotel gave us complimentary travel pass during our stay in Lucerne. #mylucerne
The room was huge and had a balcony. The perfect spot to people watch and let people watch if they look up. Bed was big and comfortable. Unfortunately, the pillows are too soft for me. The interior design of the toilet was very funky too! I love the basin and tilesThey are so pink gorgeous!
Breakfast was amazing! They had a good range of bread and cheese to choose from. Plus, the restaurant was cozy and beautifully designed. We didn’t try at the restaurant but we read it was good.

Do note that there is no air condition in the room. We went there during winter so it was not an issue for us. ,

Top hotel restaurant Anker luzern
Pilatusstrasse 36, 6003 Luzern, Switzerland

Credit: Tripadvisor
We stayed in Youth Hostel Interlaken while we were there for a short stopover. Situated next to the train station, the hostel has the perfect location. Plus, there is a Coop Supermarket nearby. In addition, the hostel gave us complimentary travel pass during our stay in Interlaken.
We book the double bed that comes with a private toilet for a night. The hostel room is definitely lived up to the minimalist theory. The room comes with bed, toilet and a table. Sadly, mattress was thin. One point that you need to know while staying in hostel also meant that you have to bring the bed covers to common area. Unfortunately, what really disappoint me was the wafting stench that greeted me when we entered.
Breakfast spread was limited and definitely can be better. Ironically, the hostel is more expensive than Anker Hotel. If we were to do this again, I will choose to stay 2 nights in Lucerne instead of staying in Interlaken.

Youthhostel Interlaken 
Untere Bönigstrasse 3a, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

On our third night in Switzerland, we stayed at Hotel Alpina in Murren. The family-run hotel, is located 15 minute walk away from the train station. Plus, the hotel is situated at the top of the 800m high murren cliff wall! Thus one can see the Alps right from the room! The view is gorgeous and we love it!
The room is clean and comes with a double bed. Pillow was a little too soft and could be better. Although the room was small, it was cosy! In addition, the hotel offers free access to public swimming pool in Mürren sports center.
Breakfast spread was limited but it was good! The bread and coffee taste exceptionally good with the breathe-taking view from the restaurant.

Do note that Murren is a car-free area and the hotel does not have elevator. Thus, family with lots of baggage may want to travel as light as possible.

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