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11 Things to know before visiting the Blue Lagoon

1.     Located 20 minutes of drive from the airport
The Blue Lagoon is located near the airport. Thus, most people make blue lagoon the first or last destination. It was first on our list as we arrive Iceland in the afternoon.

2.     Book your tickets online to avoid disappointment and the queue
I bet the number of visitor going to the blue lagoon will increase over time. Thus, it is always better to purchase the ticket in advance to avoid disappointment and waiting time. You can purchase your tickethere. The only concern that you need to think of is the time slot. Give buffer time such as flight delay, delay in collection of rental car & etc. Not fun to miss your time slot. We read online saying that "Prices for any given hour change throughout the day depending on availability. This is the hour we will be expecting you.

3.     Tickets are sold according to peak/non-peak hours
If you don’t mind enjoying the pool in the dark and want to score some cheap tickets, check the non-peak hours from the website. It is 20% lesser compare to the peak hour tickets (6900 instead of 9900 isk) However, the interesting is you can stay at the lagoon for as long as you like!

4.     Package range from Basic (6900), Premium (12900) & Luxury (71000).
Basic package include admission to the facilities whereas the premium & luxury package includes bathrobe, slippers drinks and access to the lounge. We bought the basic package and thought it was good enough. Check out the package here 

5.     Towel and Robe is chargeable
Basic toiletries such as Shower gel and Hair Conditioner is available in the toilet. However, if you are planning to purchase the basic package, remember to bring your own towel and slippers. Do check with the hotel/guest house you are staying if they provide towels and slippers.

6.     Shower and use the hair conditioner before you enter the pool
Everyone have to shower before getting into the pool. I saw some staff stationed at the exit of the changing/shower room to ensure everyone had taken their shower.

7.     Bun up your hair unless you want to have fizzy hair for the next 1 week
Left my rubber bands in the car so I ended up having fizzy hair for the next week. Although I had applied the hair conditioner, it doesn’t seem to help when your hair get soak in the sulfur

8.     Meeting point is after the changing room
The entrance to the pool is located after the toilet exit. Thus, If you do not plan to bring your mobile phone to the pool, make sure to communicate well with your partner/friends. We didn’t and end up waiting each other at the wrong place.

9.     Do not lose your wristband
When you arrive and check into Blue Lagoon, you will receive a wristband as the key to everything in Blue Lagoon. It unlocks your locker, buy drinks (max 4 drinks) and pay for your mask. Thus, if you lose it, be prepare to pay. & trust me, it is easy to lose it. So, remember to secure it properly and check it as and when required. We saw people literally looking for it in the pool.

10.  Silica mud mask is FREE
Silica mud mask is free but you have to top up for the algae mask. Alternatively, you can bring your own Korean mask and apply after you have applied your silica mud mask. We didn’t and wish we had known.

11.  Drinking tap are located at certain part of the pool
There are a few drinking tap located around the pool. Do remember to hydrate yourself well before you enter the pool. Also, you can purchase the drinks from the bar but it is expensive. Alternatively, you can bring your own water and leave it in the locker and hydrate yourself when required.

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