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5 Day Trips from Shanghai!

Shanghai, a metropolis city has a lot to offer. However, i would not know what to do for a week. We always combined trip to shanghai with other places to make it more interesting. After all, Singapore is a city and we want to escape the city for some fresh air. Thus, if you have visited Shanghai before and would like to explore other area, here are some places you can explore.

45 minutes ride from Shanghai Hongqiao Station is Hangzhou. There is an old Chinese saying " In heaven there is paradise on earth Suzhou and Hangzhou "上有天堂, 下有苏杭". Thus, if you are planning to escape the city, you should include visit Hangzhou or Suzhou.

In 2011, Hangzhou West Lake 西湖was awarded as a UNESCO World Heritage. No doubt, the West Lake is beautiful. One can walk or cycle in West Lake to admire the captivating lake. Other than visiting Westlake and its museum, you can take a boat trip to a Xiao Ying Island to visit the Three Pools Mirroring the Moon. Click here to read more

Slightly nearer than Hangzhou, travelling from Shanghai to Suzhou only takes 25 minutes. Suzhou is a city of garden and they are 69 preserved gardens in Suzhou. 9 was even designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Unlike Hangzhou, Suzhou has more Chinese garden. You can find the famous garden that was built wholeheartedly by a Chinese scholar. It took him 16 years to complete the garden! They even have a small boat in the garden! Click here to read more 

Wuzhen Watertown
There are many watertown in the Zhejiang region and Wuzhen is one of it. The local even gave the Wuzhen a name! "Little Chinese Venice" , they called. The buildings in Wuzhen was restore and preserved by the government. Although a little commercialised, the watertown is still undeniable charming. If time allow, spend a night in one of the guesthouse there! Click here to read more 

2 hours ride away from Shanghai, Ningbo is the food haven in Zhejiang area. To be honest, i had the best rice cake and rice dumpling from Ningbo! Located near the sea coastal, you can get fresh and affordable seafood! Especially Crab! Plus, a 45 minutes car ride from Ningbo city brings you to Dongqian Lake. Dongqian lake is beautiful and less crowded compared to West lake. We stayed in Park Hyatt Ningbo which was located along the lake. The stay and view is amazing!  No doubt, Ningbo is definitely my favourite among all! Click here to read more


Well known as the birthplace of many scholars, writer and politicians, Shaoxing is rich in it's wine culture.  We visited the  home of famous writer Lu Xun and Yellow Wine museum while we were there. Generally, the city itself is pretty laid back. Thus if you want to experience the true local life, visit Shaoxing! We visited a old school restaurant and was surprised by generous portion and affordable price. Click here to read more


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