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Short weekend getaway destinations from Singapore that you never heard of! (Updated!)

It’s the time of the year again. The time to plan your vacation! Not sure where to go for a short trip? Here's our top pick for unique and fun holiday ideas for the explorer! Who knew that these cities can be so interesting!

1. Myanmar, Mandalay 3 days 2 Night
Mandalay is a former royal capital in Northern Myanmar. Since WWII, the city was destroyed. Many palace and temples were restored in the 1990s. Despite that, Mandalay still has its own charm. There are many beautiful pagoda and temples. Each unique and have a story on its own. However, they located far from each other. The best way to explore Mandalay is to engage a private driver to bring you around.

Best time to visit: November to February

2. Myanmar, Bagan 3 Days 2 Night

Bagan is an ancient city in Myanmar. Being an Archaeological Area, there are more than 2000 Buddhist monuments. The best way to explore the ancient site is definitely by bike. We rented one and spent 1 day exploring the beautiful architecture. Visit Bagan from Oct-Mar to experience Hot Air Balloon or even just witnessing the beauty of hot air balloon over the ancient site.

Best time to visit: November to February

3. Myanmar, Yangon 4 Days 3 Night
Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar is a unique city. Since Myanmar open their door to the world, we are able to enter and explore the new world.

The city has a mix of western architecture with Buddhist pagoda. One can explore the Yangon city’s attraction by foot. If you want to explore the suburb, join a bicycle tour! It’s probably one of the best ways to explore Yangon! I did my first solo trip to Yangon in 2014 and it was amazing.

Best time to visit: November to February

4. Hong Kong, Hong Kong
If you are thinking that Hong Kong is the paradise of Dimsum and shopping then you are wrong. Hong Kong City is very crowded and I don’t really enjoy it. However, there is another side of Hong Kong that every nature lover should visit. For the nature lover, one can hike Victoria Peak or Dragon Back!

Also, Hong Kong used to be a fishing village. Surrounded by many islands, one can definitely go for “island hopping” to explore a different side of Hong Kong. Instead of packing your beachwear, one should pack their hiking gear. My current favourite is Cheung cheng Island because it is easy to hike and not as crowded as others. Plus, the food is at Cheung cheng island too!

Best time to visit: October to Early December

5.Thailand, Kanchanaburi
Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is no doubt a bustling and vibrant city. Who knew that just 3.5 hour ride from Bangkok is a the battle scars left since WWII - The infamous Death Railway. These places have become stories left from the war. Other than the museums, one can visit Erawan waterfall, the waterfall with 7 tiers.

Best time to visit: November to February

6.Thailand, Chiang Mai
Located in northern Thailand, Chiang Mai was the capital of Lanna Kingdom until 1558. Surrounded by mountainous area, The old city is rich in history and culture. Also, it is home to many Buddhist temples. One can even stay in the treehouse and escape from the city for a night!

Best time to visit: November to February

7. Ipoh
Surrounded by mountains and limestone caves, Ipoh is a mineral-rich city in Malaysia is a gem on its own. Not only they grow the best beansprout, but they also serve the best kopi in Malaysia! Walk into any coffee shop and you will notice the difference! It is definitely a food haven for the foodie! 

Best time to visit: All year 
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