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Malaysia Melaka - DoubleTree by Hilton Melaka Hotel Review - King One Bedroom Suite

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DoubleTree Hilton Melaka is one of the newest hotels in town. We have stayed in Hatten & The pine previously so we thought of staying in Double Tree this round! After 3 hours of drive from Singapore to Melaka, we arrived at DoubleTree Hilton Melaka.

Melaka Hotel, malacca hotel, where to stay in malacca
Built on reclaimed land of Melaka city, DoubleTree Hilton does not have the best location. Compare to other hotels like Hatten, you can’t walk to a popular attraction like Jonker street or the Church. However, the hotel did have an amazing view overlooking the Straits of Malacca.

Beside the hotel, there is one shopping mall - The Element Mall. The shopping mall has been open since 2017 but it seems like a very quiet shopping mall compared to Mahkota Parade Mall & Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall. There are not many shops operating in the mall. Understand from a grab driver is that most local visit the mall just to catch a movie!

Thankfully, the location does not affect our itinerary because we use Grab private hire as our main transportation mode in Melaka. Plus, since it’s not our first time to Melaka, we were not in a rush to visit all the attractions. Plus, we preferred a more quiet and relaxing accommodation to unwind.

where to stay in malacca, melaka hotel, malacca hotel
malacca hotel, melaka hotel, where to stay in malacca
The check in was fuss free. Upon arrival, we were greeted with friendly staff and warm cookies! DoubleTree Hilton sure knows how to please their guest with cookies. We were exhausted after the crazy jam between Malaysia & Singapore Custom. The cookies save the day! Being a Hilton Honor Gold member, we already expected for some upgrades. However, we were surprised and thankful that they have upgraded  2 out of 3 room to King One Bedroom Suite! It felt so good, especially after a tiring drive! Amazingggg!

King One Bedroom Suite
 Melaka Hotel, where to stay in malacca,
When we enter the Suite, everyone was surprised by the size of the room! It was huge! The suite
comes with a living/dining area with pretty bathtub in the bedroom. The dining room comes with a long sofa that can sit up to 6 people. The bedroom was separated from the living room and we can have our personal space when others came over to gather.
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 Melaka Hotel
The bed was comfortable and the mattress is medium-firm. We had good sleep for both nights! Needless to say, the toilet is amazing as well. It was bigger than my room & I love the 2 basin that comes with it. The round bath-tub is definitely a plus! Soaking our legs in the warm tub of water feels superb!

The only downside is that despite being relatively new, the furniture and tiles showed sign of age. The air condition in the room was not clean and I can see the dust from the filter. Also, the stench of the carpet in the lift lobby is pretty strong. Thankfully, there is no smell in the room. Hope the management can do something about it.

Twin Guest Room
DoubleTree by Hilton Melaka Hotel Review - King One Bedroom Suite
I went over to the Twin Guest room to see and realise the layout is very similar to Double Tree Hilton Johor Bahru! Even the toilet has the same design! Read more about the room here

DoubleTree by Hilton Melaka Hotel Review - King One Bedroom Suite
DoubleTree by Hilton Melaka Hotel Review - King One Bedroom Suite
The hotel has an infinity pool that oversee Melaka city. We took a dip in the evening and it was very beautiful at night too. Also, the hotel has a gym that is well equipped! Other than the swimming pool and gym, the hotel has a children club for the little ones! The room is separated from a different area. It comes with a TV room, Video games room, Reading room as well as Arts & Craft room!

Buffet Breakfast
DoubleTree by Hilton Melaka Hotel Review - King One Bedroom Suite
Our room comes with complimentary breakfast at Makan Kitchen located at level 12. The international buffet breakfast comes with a wide variety but the quality of food is mediocre and some are worse than the Prata shop opposite my block. Nothing amazing stand out! So if you are thinking if you should purchase the breakfast with the room, I suggest you skip. There are many breakfast place in Malacca that you can visit!

Free parking at Element Mall. If you are planning to drive in Melaka, you have to go to the reception counter to validate your car park ticket. Each time you receive a new car park ticket, you need to validate at the counter before you exit.

Overall, we enjoyed our stay at the hotel. Not only the staff is very friendly, but the room was also superb! No doubt that the upgrade makes us feel more appreciated as a loyal customer, the service offered to us score as much point! Plus, H & I prefer a quiet and comfortable stay whenever we travel.

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