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Salzburg Card Review - Is the Salzburg Card Worth it? / Salzburg Card & Everything you need to know before buying it

Is Salzburg Card worth it? Salzburg Tourist Card
Things to do in salzburg, Salzburg Attractions , Salzburg itinerary
Usually, H & I will skip the tourist card in every city because most of the time the card is not worth the price or we don’t have enough time to explore. However, this round we decide to get the Salzburg card because it seems to be a pretty good deal.

Salzburg card includes free admission to most attractions and public transport. Since we are staying in Salzburg for 5 days, we decide to get the 72 hours Salzburg Card. Read more to find out ultimate travel itinerary in Salzburg here.

Getting Around in Salzburg
Unlimited Public Transport included in Salzburg Card
The card allows you to take an unlimited ride on selected public transport route in Salzburg. Unlimited Transportation cost 4 euro per day. One-way transportation cost 2.70 Euro if you get from the bus conductor or 1.90 Euro if you get the advance ticket. 

Since it does not cover all route, we were sceptical about unlimited transportation that Salzburg card offers and if the bus service can really bring us to the attractions. Thankfully it did. After all, Salzburg is not big. It takes about 20-minutes to walk from Old Town to Train station. If you use our Salzburg travel guide, you will find yourself going to attractions that are grouped together or along the way. However, you are staying in Old Town or self-drive, you may exclude the unlimited transportation fee. 

Unlimited Public Transport included in Salzburg Card

·      Obus lines 1-14
·      Albus lines 20-28, 31, 34, 35 & 151
·      Postbus lines 130/140 as far as Eugendorf, the No. 180 to Grossgmain & 170 to Rif
·      Suburban rail line S1 to Acharting
·      WALSIE bus taxi

  • Always keep your Salzburg card with you. We encountered an incident where the bus inspector dressed in civilian clothes came and do surprise check!
  • Do note that Salzburg Card does not include all the bus service in Salzburg! You can set your google setting to bus only. Also, the Salzburg Card does not include the bus to Hallstatt! You need to get a separate bus ticket to Hallstatt.  Read more about getting to Hallstatt here
Attractions in Salzburg Card
Things to do in salzburg attractions free
The Salzburg card includes most of the attractions in Salzburg. Those not included are mainly the Concerts, Tours and Activity. We didn’t visit any of those attractions as we were pretty occupied with free attractions. There is some price reduction with Salzburg card to these non-inclusive attractions. You can find more details about the card here.

The attractions in Salzburg have different operating time for every season. Most closes at 5pm daily. Thus, the best time to visit Salzburg is definitely during summer because most of the attraction close later and you can make the most out from the card.
Here’s a breakdown of the Salzburg Attraction that we used with Salzburg Card
Is salzburg Card worth it? Salzburg Card Review
The Salzburg card is a pretty good deal, isn't it? Most tourist cards didn't make it to our list because the base charge didn't cover the cost of places we planned to go and time spent. Plus, how many attractions you can see in a day really depends on the cities you are visiting. Most museum closes as early as 5pm. How many can we really see in a day?

Thankfully the Salzburg card is and priced reasonably. Plus, Salzburg is not a very big place, most attractions are near to each other. Major attractions require 2-3 hours and 1 hour for the smaller scale.

Salzburg Card Price
Salzburg Card is price differently for different duration and season. You can check the updated rate here. As of 2019, the price for Salzburg Card is as per below.
 Salzburg Card Price Things to do in salzburg, Salzburg Attractions , Salzburg itinerary
Our initial plan is to get the 48 hours card. However, after comparing the difference of 6 Euro and unlimited transportation would have cost us 4 euro per person. So why not get the 72 hours card right? We can always visit the place we missed and have more flexibility in our travel plan.
Things to do in salzburg, Salzburg Attractions , Salzburg itinerary
So is the Salzburg card worth the price?
Definitely worth the price if you are visiting the attractions like the ones we did in Salzburg. However, if you would like to visit only 1 or 2 main attractions in Salzburg, you may want to get skip the Salzburg card.

You can use our itinerary and price breakdown of the places we went to have a gist of it. Honestly, not all attraction that we went to is worth the single price ticket. Also, everyone has a different travel style and the Salzburg card may not suit you. After all, there is no one itinerary that fits all.

Where to purchase Salzburg Card?
You can purchase the Salzburg card at the any tourist office or hotel reception in Salzburg. We got ours from Klook online and collect it in the Tourist Office in Salzburg Train Station because buying online is slightly cheaper (Additional Credit Card charges on transaction fee of 3%) with savings from Shopback. 

If you are not a member of Shopback or Klook, you can use my affiliate link here to earn additional cashback.  Get $10SGD when you sign up with Klook and Use promo Code MOBILE10 for additional 10 HKD discount on your first order

How to Validate your Salzburg Card
You have to write down the start time when you decide to use it. It is valid according to the time instead of the day. If you activate it at 10am on 1st May, it ends at 10am on 2nd May. Thus, if you plan to use it at 11am on 2nd May, you have to get the 48 hours Card.

More questions on Salzburg Card? Comment below and we will try to help!  

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