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Singapore - Changi Lounge Review in Jewel + Best Shower Facility in Changi Airport

changi airport  lounge review, priority pass member

Changi Lounge Review, changi airport lounge

Changi Lounge is situated along with the check-in counters and baggage facility in Changi Jewel Complex. The second lounge to be located in the public area, Changi Lounge is great for both departure and arrival travellers.
With the grand opening of Jewel, like us, many have waited for the day where Changi Jewel Lounge joins the PP program. In July 2019, Priority Pass members & Dragon pass members can now access to this lounge with their pass. Here’s the summary of what you need to know before swarming into the lounge during lunch time without a same-day boarding pass

Changi Lounge Access for Priority Pass Members
·      Same day Boarding Pass + 3 Hours Access + Flight within 4 hours for departure
·      Same day Boarding Pass + 3 Hours Access + Flight within 3 hours upon arrival
·      Includes 1 pint of Tiger Beer or 1 access Shower Facilities

Other Information
·      Napping Pod available at S$34 per hour
·      Alcoholic beverages not included and charged separately

Public Visitor
·      3 Hours Lounge Access – Adult S$38, Child S$27
·      Lounge and Shower S$50
·      Shower only S$18

Upon arrival, we were greeted with the lounge concierge. The modernist interior design has made the stay very welcoming and relax. We were surprised to find out that we were the only guest in the lounge. Thus, if you are looking for some quiet space, this is the lounge to visit before it gets popular.

Food & Drinks
Priority Pass Lounge Changi Airport
Priority Pass Lounge
Food served in Changi Lounge did not disappoint us. A mixture of local cuisine and western style was very refreshing. The boneless curry chicken was the star dish of the day. Free-flow of non-alcoholic drinks, coffee and tea are available in the lounge. Unfortunately, alcoholic drinks are chargeable. Price for alcoholic drinks range from $10 - $24 per glass

Shower Facility
Priority Pass member Lounge
The shower facility was impressive too. It was large and well equipped. Definitely the best pay-per-use lounge shower facility in Changi Airport. We already foresee ourselves using this lounge for a shower in the future rather than queuing up at Krisflyer Lounge. 

Other Facilities
changi jewel lounge review, priority pass review
Sleeping pod are available for rent an additional $34 per hour. Personally, I feel that it is a little overpriced considering you can book a room from Yotel for 4 hours at $80. Mac Desktop and free-wifi available in Lounge.

Being the newest lounge opening in Changi Airport, Changi Lounge has set a high standard for all. Not only it is beautifully designed, but the lounge also serves delicious food. Plus, they have the best shower facility. If you are a Priority Pass member or Dragon Pass member, do head over and experience it before it gets too popular

Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Location: Jewel Level 1, Beside Early check-in & Baggage service area 
Find out more about Changi Lounge in Jewel here 

Have you been to Changi Lounge before? What do you think?

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