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Top Honeymoon Destination for Singaporeans!

Honeymoon is the trip that I’ve been looking forward to since our wedding preparation. It’s the second priority to us. (Home come first!) Like many, we weren’t too sure where to visit on our honeymoon. 

There are so many places I would like to go! Since I missed the chance to witness northern light during my trip to Finland, we decide to visit Iceland as well as other parts of Europe. Depending on your schedule and budget, below are our top for a romantic getaway!
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The trip to Austria was unforgettable especially a trip to Salzburg. Salzburg is the place where the Sound of Music is filmed. I’m not surprised why the director decides to film there because Salzburg is truly an amazing place to be. Other than its music scene, Austria is blessed with gorgeous alps! Unlike its neighbouring country, Austria is very pocket-friendly!

Iceland has been in the limelight recently and I’m not surprised why this place is. Iceland is absolutely stunning and raw. Plus, you get to witness the magical light dancing in the sky. Most attraction in Iceland is free and the only challenge for visitors is to drive during winter.

The city of love is on the list. Although Paris has a bad reputation for pickpockets, there is no doubt that this city is vibrant and very romantic. H & I spend a week in Paris and was amazed by the food and culture that Paris offers. Museums, buildings and architecture are beautiful. Take a stroll along the stein river with your partner and immerse yourselves in the city of love.

Japan is many Singaporean’s favourite travel destination. More than just a food and shopping haven, Japan has a lot to offer in each season. One can take a romantic road trip around Hokkaido during autumn or soak in the Sakura atmosphere in Tokyo. Every visit to Japan is very different from the previous.

Well known for the pristine beach, blue skies and clear water, Maldives is the top choice for many newly-wed. It also offers a lot of privacy for couples who want to unwind and enjoy the quality time together. Plus, most of the resorts in the Maldives offer a full-board package with activities to keep guest occupied. Yup, no planning required.

Just 3 hours away from Singapore, one can find a paradise in South East Asia. Bali have almost everything for everyone. From luxury resort to sports adventure, one will be spoilt with many choices. Bali is a great option for newly-wed who prefer a short break!

Where is your dream honeymoon destination? Share with us! 

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