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Things to do during a Layover in Tokyo Narita Airport

Stopover in Narita Airport

During our recent trip to Seoul, we had a 6-hour stopover in Tokyo Narita Airport. Despite only having half a day, there are a lot of things that can be done during the stopover. Other than travelling to Tokyo City for food and last-minute shopping, here are some places you can visit do during a short layover in Tokyo Narita Airport! 

First up, Store your Hand Luggage in Airport!
Stopover in Tokyo Narita Airport
If you are still unable to check-in or you are doing a transit with your hand carry on, you may store your luggage at the airport locker. We kept our hand luggage/ day pack in the lockers because it was heavy! Remember to keep a copy of the ticket and snap a photo of the ticket in case you lose it. Locker Luggage cost from 300 yen to 1000 yen depending on size.  The only challenge is there is limited storage space and you need to try your luck to find empty locker! We were pretty lucky and waited for 10 minutes before someone came to take their stuff out! 

Chill in Airport Lounge
ANA definitely has one of the best business Lounge in the world. We visited the ANA narita lounge and was surprised by the standard. I spend 2 hours there during our trip to Tokyo and time flies. There is a shower facility in the lounge for guest to use ( & brownie points for Dyson Hairdryer! ) Plus, they even served a different type of sake for you to enjoy. I wouldn’t mind with spending another few hours there.

Explore Narita City
Things to do in Narita City
Things to do in Narita City
For travellers who do not want to stay in the airport yet and save travelling, time can opt for this option. Not only Narita City is just 2 stops away, one can enjoy the famous freshwater unagi in Narita City. H and I opt for this option during our layover in Tokyo and had lots of fun! 

Top tip: If you happen to arrive in Narita The airport in the morning, there is a guided tour by the airport from 9am to 2pm at a small fee of 500 Yen! Book your tour here

Visit Shisui Premium Outlet
Shisui Premium Outlet Narita Airport Layover
Image Credit: Shishui Premium Outlet 
During the stopover, one can visit Tokyo Premium outlet for all shopaholic. From international brand to the Japanese brand, there are many shops in the premium outlet. Click here for the list of brands in Shisui Premium Outlet. There is a shuttle bus service available from Narita airport to the outlet for 350 yen per trip (By Cash only)

Discover Edo Period in Sawara District
things to do in sawara District
Image credit: Japan Guid
Take a bus to Sawara, a small town northeast of Narita City and discover the Edo Period. Sawara was an important commercial hub during the Edo Period and thus many canals were built to help transport goods to the capital of Edo. Travel back time by taking a boat along the canal. You can book the guided tour by a volunteer for 1430 yen here

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