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Singapore Airline First Class Singapore – Jakarta The Private Room + First Class Flight Review

Feeling excited to visit the Private Room Lounge on our recent trip to Jakarta, we arrived at the airport 3.5 hours earlier to check-in. After arriving at Terminal 3, we were greeted with SQ porters at the entrance. The staff proceeded to help us unload our luggage and checking in was made fuss-free. With the priority lane from the departure hall, one can check-in from 48 hours to 40 minutes before your flight departs from Singapore Changi Airport. However, do note that the lounge is only open from 05:00 to 23:59. On a side note, the business lounge is open 24 hours

Tip: You can still check-in at Terminal 3 First Class Lounge if your flight is scheduled at other Terminal. However, you need to arrive early for the staff to deliver your luggage to the actual terminal.
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The Private Room
We were in time for lunch and was surprised that the lounge was empty at 12pm. The private room is divided into several sections Dining area, lounging area and a meeting room.  We walk to the back of the dining area and went back to the seat we sat last year! Afterwards, we were served a glass of Krug Grand Cuvee Champagne. It was so good, I had another 4 glasses of it! 

Feeling famished, I grab the menu and flip to the mains hoping that the Baked Boston Lobster is still in! Unfortunately, it wasn’t. Hence, we ordered steam fish for lunch instead. You can find local food fares such as Kueh Pie Tee, Satay and even porridge in the menu. But deep down we all know that the hawker centre serves better food. Overall, we were not impressed by the lunch meal served there. Had it not been the champagne, I might just hop over to the other lounge for laksa.

The Flight Experience

Finally, it was time for boarding, we took the sky train to Terminal 2 and boarded the flight. Prior to booking the flight, we were a little hesitant to book because of the short flight duration from Singapore to Jakarta. H was still joking that after it takes off, we need to prepare for landing. Nope, it did not. The flight was a 1 hour 40-minute journey and we still got a full meal served.

The 3 Class plane SQ 960 Boeing 777-300 we were on is from 2009. Despite being old, the comfort level is still there. Like all business class and first-class seats, a 110V Ac port and USB is available.

Unlike long haul flight, everything was served in a single tray. We pre-booked our meal via book your cook and I had Lobster Thermidor. This round, the lobster is definitely better than the one I had last year. H book his usual Wagyu Burger and was very satisfied with it.

After our experience in the first class to Jakarta, we both feel that the top-up of 17,000 miles from Business to First Class is not worth the miles for short-haul. Valued at 2 cent/miles & for $340. Food serves in First and Business are the same. The most prominent difference between the two would be the entry to The Private Room lounge. With that said, you can finish the entire bottle of Krug Grand Cuvee Champagne if you want to.
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Last but not least, here’s a tip for those who are planning to redeem your flight. You can top up and extend your flight to another destination for a fee (with terms & conditions). We paid an additional $100 USD to our schedule Suite Class flight from Paris – Singapore to this flight. Considering one-way ticket to Jakarta is already S$80,  it was a pretty good deal for us since we had to attend a wedding in Jakarta.  Suite Class Paris – Singapore + First Class Singapore – Jakarta for 125,000 miles + $100 USD + taxes. Do note that such an arrangement can only be done by calling the SQ hotline and you need to get the flight for additional add on ready.

Soon the plane is ready for landing and we were ready for the crazy traffic in Jakarta.


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