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Japan Yufuin Itinerary & things to do in Yufuin

Nestled in the Oita Prefecture of Kyushu, Yufuin is a serene and charming onsen town surrounded nature. It is popular for its picturesque landscapes as well as Ghibli theme village. Plus, there are many cafes and boutique shop too! Yufuin offers a delightful escape for travellers seeking relaxation, natural beauty, and cultural experiences


On our first day, we set off to Yufuin from Fukuoka International Airport! Instead of driving straight to Yufuin via toll expressway, we opt for no-toll multiple stop over along the way. It took us longer than expected but the journey was fun and we manage to stop by for Cosmo event and witness the stunning view while we were there! Alternatively, you can take a train or bus to Yufuin from Fukuoka. 

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Transportation to Yufuin from Fukuoka by Train:

With a Japan Rail Pass or Kyushu Rail Pass, embark on a scenic train journey from Fukuoka's Hakata Station to Yufuin, taking approximately 2.5 hours at a cost of 4500 to 5500 yen.

Transportation to Yufuin from Fukuoka by Bus:

Alternatively, a direct highway bus runs hourly between Fukuoka (Hakata Station, Tenjin Bus Center, and Fukuoka Airport) and Yufuin (Yufuin Station). The 2.5-hour trip costs 3250 yen (round trip for 5760 yen) and is covered by the Sun Q Pass, available for purchase online.

How long to spend in Yufuin?

Yufuin is a small town and most attractions can be covered in half a day. However, i highly recommend you to stay a night in a Ryokan and experience the beauty of Yufuin

Places to visit in Yufuin/ One day itinerary in Yufuin

Evening:  Stop by Yufuin Road station before entering 

Our first stopover was the Yufuin Road Station before entering Yufuin. The road station offers sale of local snacks with a splendid view of Mt. Yufu during good weather! Unfortunately, we arrived quite late and most of the fruits were sold out.  


Soak in an Onsen and/or Stay Overnight in a Traditional Ryokan

Then, we drove to our accommodation for the night! There are many traditional ryokans around the area and you can enjoy the baths as a day visitor or stay overnight in a traditional Japanese hotel. We stayed in a traditional Japanese hotel also known as ryokan. One can select half board or full board in these hotel. Highly recommend to try them out! Also, if you have opt for dinner, you need to arrive before 5pm. 

Lake Kinrinko

In the morning, head to Lake Kinrinko, a serene crater lake surrounded by lush greenery. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the walking paths that circle the lake. The view is particularly enchanting during autumn. Best time to visit around 8 – 9 am before the tourist bus come by! 


Yunostubo Street

Then, visit Yunotsubo Kaido Street is a popular street in Yufuin, connecting Yufuin Station to Lake Kinrinko. There are many interesting souvenirs shops and cafes lined along the streets! Take your time exploring the boutiques and perhaps indulge in some street food.


Yufuin Floral Village

Afterwards, visit Yufuin Floral Village which is minutes walk away. It is a charming area with European-style buildings, Also, one can find owl forest zoo, pet café and cute sovenirs shop.


Yufuin Showa Museum

Lastly, explore the Showa Museum, a fascinating attraction featuring vintage cars, toys, and memorabilia from the Showa era (1926-1989). It's a nostalgic journey back in time. Plus there is a food canteen at level 2 where you can try their canteen food! We didn’t because our ryokan includes breakfast and it was time for lunch!


Parking in Yufuin 

One of the main challenge is finding carpark. We park here , near Showa Museum and walk to the street and spend roughly 2 hours there (200 yen / 60 mins) hour)! 


Accommodations in Yufuin 

Yufuin Baien Garden Resort

We stayed at Yufuin Baien Garden Resort. It is located slightly above the town to the south, and has large, attractive outdoor baths for visitors.  The ryokan offer private onsen room for guest who are shy or family too!  Although the buildings are dated, the rooms are big and comfortable. Plus, staff are friendly too! On clear days, the twin peaks of Mount Yufu are visible from the baths. 

The ryokan is separated into 2 building – main and accommodation (with 2 level). We stayed in 2nd level and was thankful that the staff help to carry the luggage. Otherwise, it will be very tough for travellers with elderly and baby. The accommodation looks old but was clean and comfortable! There were upgrading work while we were there! Staff was friendly! 

Highly recommend to book your accommodation with meals there as the ryokan is not located near the city area and usually traditional Japanese hotel do not prepare extra if you didn’t pre-order. Welcome drinks are provided to guest from 7pm – 10pm! 
We love the dinner there! But unfortunately, my parents and i don’t take beef.  H had to finish additional 4 plates of wagyu (good for him!) Thus, if you have any diet restriction, do inform the ryokan in advance! Breakfast was good too! 

Overall, we love our time at Yufuin Baien Garden! 

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