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Taiwan Itinerary CingJing, Taichung, Jiufen, Jeelung; Taipei 8 Days 7 Nights (Part 3 - JiuFen)

Never did i know that Jiu Fen is a prosperous mining area in my first trip. All i know was that Jiu fen sells really nice food and is a picturesque place. Definitely a instagram worthy place.  So glad that this trip allow me to know more about the history in Jiufen.  

l highly recommend everyone to stay a night in jiu fen before heading back to the bustling city in Taipei. If not be there before the crowd are here or stay a little longer when they are gone. Bus are available from various station & the bus frequency is h pretty high. Every 15-20 mins during peak period & 30 mins during off-peak. We took 1062 from Song Shan Bus station. Alternatively, you can take 788.

Unlike most, we stayed there for 2 nights. First was to enjoy the scenic view, second was for taro ball and lastly it is the perfect base if you want to travel to Shi Fen and Jeelung! it is located between these two popular attraction. Also, if you would like to visit Gin Gua Shi and other attractions in Jiufen, it is advisable to stay there! 

九份老街/Jiu Fen Street

It is true that the taro ball & meat ball from Jiu fen remains to be one of my favorite food in tawan, but what many does not know is that jiu fen is a very romantic place (minus all the crowd). The rustic feeling jiu fen gave, made me felt like a young girl in the 1900 again. As we took the unconventional walk down the streets of Jiu fen with the golden light shine on us, everything here seems so magical.

Ah Mei Tea House/ 阿妹茶楼

"Once you met someone, you never forget them"
I am sure most of the fans of Spirited Away would know this place if not even find this place familiar.  Author of sprited away was inspired by this tea house in jiu fen & decided to drew it as the house of 汤婆婆. We were pretty lucky to find this place while walking down the streets. A pity that many had walk pass this place without knowing what this place is about.

We went in for tea to enjoy the scenic view at night. For 300 TWD per pax, it includes a pot of tea and a few piece of snacks. Also, the staff will explain and demonstrate the proper way of tea tasting. Pretty expensive for tea in Taiwan but you get what I mean. It's the experience after all. & best of all, it closes at 12 mn.  

Jiufen Old street is famous for its meatball and taroball. Although there are many stalls, 九分古早丸and 阿甘姨芋圆 remains to be my favourite among all. One can never have too much of it. I secretly hope that i can pack them in my luggage and bring them back to Singapore. 

Jiufen Gu Zao Wan/九分古早丸

This is H favourite dish in Jiufen. There are many types of meatball and my favourite got to be Squid ball & Fuzhou meat ball. This bowl of meatball is everything you want to have in a cooling weather in JiuFen. Other than just having the meat ball on its own, you can add bee soon (aka vermicelli) in it. We had this for two days straight. Do not got go back home if you did not try it. 

Ah Gan Yi Taro ball/ 阿甘姨芋圆 

Ok, hands down to the best taro ball on earth. This got to be my favourite food in Taiwan, Jiufen. Again, we had that for two days straight. Almost made it to three days but the shops in Jiu Fen close quite early.   

The yam balls are very chewy and soft. Plus, you can literally taste the yam in each ball. We ordered the mixed balls 综合. You can have them cold or warm. Personally i prefer the warm ones because you can taste the refreshing dessert soup. Unlike the cold ones that comes with shave ice, i feel that the taro ball did not go that well with it. You may have to wait for awhile for the ice to melt a little before consuming. 

This taroball shop is located right at the top of the food street. (near to jiufen primary school). One have to walk flight of stairs up before reaching. You can enjoy the scenery with a bowl of hot taroball on hand. Perfect, isn't it? 

Ah Zhu Peanut Ice Cream

I think this is the only stall that sells yam ice cream with peanut and popiah skin. Although it taste like normal ice cream to most, I like the combination of these. Plus, they serve generous serving of peanut. 


  1. Hello! How did you travel from Taichung to Jiufen? :-)

    1. Hello! We took a train from Taichung station to Taipei (Songshanstation) & a bus (1062)to Jiu Fen.

      You can check out the rail website and use google map to confirm. Not sure if there are any changes. Hope it helps!

  2. Hi, which b&b did you stay in Jiufen?

    1. We stay at Chiu Chunt Dint for a night .


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