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Taiwan Itinerary CingJing, Taichung, Jiufen, Jeelung & Taipei 8 Days 7 Nights (Part 4 - JiuFen & Keelung)

Very often, tourist will engaged one day driver to bring them around to these places for 1500 twd - 2000 twd per car. However if you are like us, with only 2 person going on budget, public transport is one option to more affordable choice. We spend less than 400 TWD per person on public transport to Jiufen Golden Waterfall, Remains of the 13 level/ 十三層遺址,Yin Yang Sea, Gold Ecological Park, Miaokou Night Market & Shi Fen. 

I'm not kidding you! 

Jiufen Golden Waterfall /黃金瀑布

Jiufen Golden waterfall, water streaming down to its "golden" riverbed. In the past, this area used to be a mining area. Due to mining, heavy metal elements flowing down the river had caused the riverbed to turn golden. Despite it looking golden, it is toxic. So do not touch or jump into it even though it looks good.

Also, do not miss this truck that sells honey and jelly. It is super nice! We went back for second round after a long walk to different parts of Remains of the 13 level. This golden waterfall locates right in the middle of both attraction. So be prepared to walk 20 minutes each if you decides to visit there.  

How to get to Jiufen Golden Waterfall
Take bus 788 from Jiufen (Bus stop besides family mart, bus will be heading uphill direction of jiufen). The bus stop right infront of the Golden Waterfall. If you are afraid that you will miss the stop, inform the driver. They are very nice. 

Remains of the 13 level/ 十三層遺址

Remains of the 13 level, they called. It is actually a smelter structure built into a hillside in Shuinandong. It's original name is Shuinandong Smelter (水湳洞精鍊廠). As time pass, the once lustrous gold industry dries up. What was left here was nothing but trace of pollution. Kind of sad that what was once a "lustrous" industry came to an end here. Although it does not have much impact on the industry, it has lots of impact on the livelihood of Jiufen residence. 

" When one door close, another open "Although the days of mining are behind them, the doors to tourism were open. To understand the history of the gold mine, one have to visit Gold Ecological Park (黃金博物園區). 

Although a little disappointed that i could't enter the building, it is nice to be there, viewing parts of the 13 level, To see the full view of the 13 level, one have to go down slope (which is far and a little too much for my leg to walk). Thus we went upslope and got to the top of the building. From there, you can oversee the Yin Yang Sea. Sadly, it was too bright when i was there. I couldn't really see the two tone sea.  

How to get to Remains of the 13 level
Take bus 788 from Jiufen (Bus stop besides family mart, bus will be heading uphill direction of jiufen). Alight at Ruchuan Stop. If not it is 20 minutes walk down hill from JiuFen waterfall

Yin Yang Sea

How to get to the Top of Remains of the 13 level
Take bus 788 from Jiufen (Bus stop besides family mart, bus will be heading uphill direction of jiufen). Alight at JiuFen waterfall and walk up hill for 20 - 30 minutes. You can oversee Yin Yang Sea from the top. 

Gold Ecological Park (黃金博物園區)

One must visit Gold Ecological Park if you want to know the history of Rui Fang district. Other than information on gold mining industry, it provides a better understanding of life of a miner. A very interesting museum to visit. Other than that, one can visit Crown Prince Chalet, a Japanese palace style building. Sadly when i was there, it was closed because of recent earth quake. 

How to get to the Gold Ecological Park (黃金博物園區)
Take bus 788 from Jiufen (Bus stop besides family mart, bus will be heading uphill direction of jiufen). Alight at Gold Ecological Park (黃金博物園區).  There are other buses that goes to this place, so check it out at the bus stop. 

Miaokou Night Market (廟口夜市)

Pior to the trip, our taiwanese friend recommended us to visit Miaokou Night Market (廟口夜市). Famous for its affordable seafood and delicious street food, many had said that it is not a place to be missed. Although it is kind of out of the way to Shifen but being a foodie at heart, we couldn't bear to miss this place. 

After our visit to Gold Ecological Park (黃金博物園區), we took the same bus 788 to Keelung. Although we were early (4 pm for dinner), there are stalls ready for business! As usual, we followed the crowd and patron the stall with more crowd. Needless to say, we had no regrets! Cause i had the best 卤肉饭 in my life. Ok exaggerating a little. 


The first卤肉饭 that I fell in love with is located Miao Kou Night Market. Located along the streets of Miao Kou Night market, this is a stall that no one will miss it. We went there at 5 pm and this is the only stall that was full house! 

Do not be intrigued by the boss's fierce look, the 卤肉饭is one of the best I ever had. The Minced meat and fried shallot made the rice very fragrant Best of all, it is not too oily. Other than the 卤肉饭, we like the pork trotter! Even for H who doesn't like pork trotter, finished the last piece on the plate.

猪什汤 /Pork Intestine Soup

Not a huge fan of Pork intense time soup but H is. Next to the the 卤肉饭 stall, this stall is quite packed when we went over. The 猪什汤 /Pork Intestine Soup is perfect for a rainy weather when we were there! It keeps you warm and fuzzy! Other than that we had bao and xiumai which is quite different from our local version. Nonetheless it is worth a try. 

章鱼脚/Octopus Leg

Looks good but actually not. These 章鱼脚/Octopus Leg are so thick and rubbery that we had a hard to chew it. Definitely not for those with weak teeth. 

泡泡冰/Bao Bao Ping / Shaved Ice 

泡泡冰, one of the famous dessert that was originated from Taichung. There seems signature dish will be Crushed ice with peanut. Although, it does not look as fancy as bingsu, I think it is pretty unique and tasty. Like peanut butter with ice. Lol


H is a foodie who doesn't likes to eat crab. However, he came to know this stall while doing his research. I was pretty excited when he say he is going to bring me there! Unfortunately, it did not live up to my expectations. Buttery? Yes it is. Milky? Yes, it's white color. Salty? Yes, very. I felt I had a spoon of msg in my mouth. Ok I'm exaggerating.The rest are mediocre. Nothing much to rave about. 

Crab Meat Soup

Contrary to many crabmeat soup, the crabmeat you found are artificial crabmeat which none of it comes from a real crab. Unlike others, the bowl of soup is really filled with real crab meat! Plus, they gave generous serving! 

We end our night with our stomach full and satisfied. Honestly speaking, i do not find the seafood in Keelung amazing. Maybe we went to the wrong restaurant? But i was surprise by the 卤肉饭. Never thought that it will taste this good! Also, the braised meat is something that one cannot miss when you are in Miao Kou Night Market! 

We left Keelung around 6 plus and reach Shi Fen at 8pm. H went there before thus we made it our last priority. Although as much as i want to take instagram worthy photo when we light up the sky lantern, the well wishes and having a convenient itinerary is much more important. 

Shi fen/十份老街

It was a drizzling at night. Despite the cold, we made it there. We wrote our well wishes on the sky lantern and hope for the best. We went back with nothing but a brand new start. I am thankful for every people i met in life and every opportunities for me to travel. 

" All action results fro thoughts, so it is thoughts that matter"

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