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Finland Itinerary Levi & Rovaniemi 5 day 4 night (Part1 - Levi) + Golden Crown Glass Igloo Review

Embark on a journey to the Nordic county search for Santa Claus. Our trip was nothing but amazing. Apart from our misadventure of flight being delayed, we had lots of fun experiencing huskies ride, meeting Santa Claus and chasing after northern light. It is the best Christmas I ever had in 24 years. 

Summary of the trip 
Day 1: Singapore - Helsinki - Rovaniemi Airport - Levi
Day 2: Huskies Safari - Levi glass igloo 
Day 3: Levi Igloo - Rovaniemi - Nili Restaurant - Northern light tour 
Day 4: Santa Claus Village - Reindeer safari - Northern light tour 
Day 5: Rovaniemi - Helsinki 

Levi Village 

First stop was Levi. Located in Lapland, Levi resort is the largest ski resort in Finland. Situated right up in the artic, it is said to have the best spot to view aurora. Thus we made our way to Levi, hoping to witness the magical light. 

It was dark when we arrived at 3 pm and still dark when we woke up at 8 am. With shorter daylight, we barely did much stuff. Nonetheless we had a enjoyable time chilling away in Levi sleeping our night away and waiting for the magical light to happen. 

Transportation from Rovaniemi to Levi
We flew to Rovaniemi from Helsinki by Finnair and took a bus to Levi. You can check the schedule here. Booking online is recommended but one can purchase the bus ticket on that day itself. The schedule will usually be out 1 month before the travel date. Do remember to print extra copies for return trip because the bus driver will collect them. Although the seats are barely filled up, we didn’t want to take chances as it was near to Christmas. 

5km Husky Safari 
" Silence has a mysterious calming effect, allowing your soul to be at peace with your thoughts "

As we enter the wilderness, I was blown away the picturesque safari. The entire place was covered with thick snow and everything seems so surreal. Husky ride in -30 degree was insane but the view and experience makes up for it! Our fingers and toes were numb and we finally felt how princess Elsa felt, frozen. 

After the husky ride, we had some time to mingle with the huskies! They are so adorable! We end the trip by grilling reindeer sausages in the Tutti hut with a cup of juice on another hand. #blessed

Golden Crown Glass Igloo

With numerous articles shared in social media, one will not missed the article on glass igloo. What many do not know is that there are more than one place with glass igloo in Finland. Not sure about the one in Rovaniemi but our experience with Golden Crown was great!

Secluded in the mountain area and away from artificial light, it is said to be one of the best place to view northern light in Finland. Designed with glass panel, one can view the northern light from your bed. Also, the room is warm and fuzzy. Thus it makes the stay truly enjoyable. 

Compare to the days when we camp outside the hill top, it was way much better. Sadly, we ran out of luck when we were there. We did not manage to see the northern light from our igloo. The cloud was thick and it was snowing.  

Situated in the mountain area, there are no restaurant or supermarket nearby. Thus one have to bring their own food. Fortunately, the igloo is well equipped with all the utensils you need to whip up a decent meal. Also, each igloo comes with a complimentary breakfast basket for 2. 

How to get there
The easiest way to visit Levi is by air. Fly into Kilitta airport and arrange transportation with the hotel for 15 euro per person (one way).


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