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#TravelTales - Maldives

Morning in Maldive is gorgeous especially when the Indian Ocean is calm and everyone is still asleep. For a moment, It feels like I have all the time in the world. The perfect morning came with sea breeze and a gorgeous view. As the sun kisses on my skin, it whisper nothing but words to tell me to feel life. Without noise from the world, maybe this is the paradise I'm seeking. I hope one day my mind will be as clear as the water and become the rainbow of my own.

Perfect moment like this didn't last long. Soon, the sun was up. Living on the equator for 26 years didn't help. From kisses to rage, my skin was burning. All I wanted to do was to stay indoor, watch the sky and soak myself in a tub full of cocktail. Life isn't always that smooth sailing isn't it? 

Spending three quality days in the resort with H definitely help me to rejuvenate my soul and mind. Now, my heart is full and ready to go again.

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