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Switzerland 5 Days 4 Nights Itinerary - Lucerne, Interlaken , Murren, Bern (Part 1) + Downloadable itinerary PDF

Day 1: Zurich Airport – Lucerne – Anker Hotel – Lunch at Pizzeria Da Tommaso – Mt Rigi
Day 2: Farmer’s market along Reuss River – Chapel Bridge – The Hofkiche – Lion Monument –Glacier Garden – Train to Interlaken – Check in @ Youth Hostel – Explore the town
Day 3: Interlaken - Jungfraujoch – Murren – Dinner @ Restaurant La Grotte
Day 4: Murren – Bern – Rose garden – Bern Old Town – Clock Tower – Dinner @ Azzuro Terra & Mare
Day 5: Bern to Basel Airport – Iceland

Day 1: Zurich Airport – Lucerne – Anker Hotel – Lunch at Pizza – Mt Rigi
Feeling very reluctant to leave the airplane, We pack and left for the train from Zurich to Lucerne. Thankfully the view from the train made up for it! Switzerland is gorgeous! Especially during winter, the entire place covered with snow, making Switzerland even more magical.

After checking into the hotel - Anker Hotel, we visited Pizzeria Da Tommaso restaurant for pizza. Highly recommended by the receptionist, we decided to give it a try. Sadly, the pizza is great but not fantastic. 

If Domino Pizza is rated 3/5 stars then Pizzeria Da Tommaso would be 3.5/5 stars. We know that dining out in Switzerland is not cheap but I was quite taken aback by 4 chf per pax for tap water. Read things to know before visiting Switzerland

Mt Rigi/ Queen of Mountain
Since the sky was sunny and clear, H & I decided to visit Mt Rigi after lunch. The journey to the queen of mountain is definitely part of the fun. Especially the ferry experience along the lake! Then, we took a cogwheel and got to the top! During winter, one can ski or sledge! H & I rented a sledge each and we had heaps of fun! If winter activity is not your kind of thing, you can explore other area by taking the cogwheel to Goldau. Do note the last ferry timing as you do not want to miss your ferry. We end the trip by taking cable car from Rigi Kaltbad to Weggis to see a different scenery. Check out the official map here
Our trip to Rigi in sequence 
Day 2: Farmer’s market along Reuss River – Chapel Bridge – The Hofkiche – Lion Monument –Glacier Garden – Train to Interlaken – Check in Youth Hostel – Explore the town
Farmer’s market along Reuss River 
We start the day off with a sumptuous breakfast at Anker hotel. Afterwards, we went to the farmers market along Reuss River. Open on Saturday and Tuesday, the farmers market is popular to both locals and tourist. There were many queuing up for cheese and carrying baskets filled with groceries.

Chapel Bridge
Then, we continued our city walk towards the chapel bridge, the iconic symbol of the city. The wooden footbridge is one of the oldest surviving truss bridge. Plus, the interior of the bridge was beautifully designed with paintings, making our morning walk a memorable one.

Hofkiche / Church of St Leodegar
On our way to Lion monument, we stop by Hofkiche also known as Church of St Leodegar. It was nice to have some quiet time there. The church is definitely one of the majestic churches/cathedral we had seen in Switzerland. Plus, the design is pretty unique. There are quarters and cemetery surrounding by the church. Definitely a nice short stopover before heading to the Lion Monument and Glacier Garden.

Lion Monument
The Lion Monument is a rock relief in Lucerne. It was designed to commemorate the Swiss guard who fought bravely and died during the massacred in 1792 during the French revolution. Although we don't really understand the history behind this, the stone crafted monument is impressive. Look at the expression of the lion. The strong emotion of sadness portray through art. 

The Glacier Garden
Located next to the lion monument was The Glacier Garden. Initially, we didn’t plan to visit the garden because we thought it is the usual garden (like botanic garden in Singapore). So glad we didn’t miss it! The Glacier Garden is a history museum with glacier exhibits. 

Who knew Lucerne used to be a beach before Ice Age? We spent 3 hours in the museum reading these amazing findings as well as visiting the mirror maze.

1 hour a train ride away from Lucerne, we arrived in Interlaken. Interlaken is a popular base for many who plans to do day trips like Lucerne, Jungfraujoch and etc. It is a traditional resort town in the Central Switzerland. Surrounded by mountains, the dense forest and glaciers is beautiful. 

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to go to any of the attractions as most of it closes early. We manage to visit a winter event while we were there. Although it was a small event, i could see many kids enjoying themselves. We left Interlaken the next morning.


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