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Things to know before travelling to Switzerland

  1.  Credit card payment are accepted almost everywhere
Switzerland uses Swiss franc instead of Euro. So instead of carrying a stash of cash along, you will be happy to hear that credit card payment are accepted almost everywhere. Switzerland is one of the first few country in Europe to adopt go cashless system. Although there are rare cases where we saw a Chinese restaurant in Mürren that says “accepts cash only - Swiss, euro and USD” and a small chocolate shop that says “Credit accepted with purchase above 15 Chf”.  If you are worried, perhaps 50 Chf cash will do.

You can even go cashless with transportation. Download SBB Mobile app before you fly to Switzerland, familiar yourself with the app and you can use it on the go. Now to my second point. SBB Mobile app.

2.    Setting around in Switzerland 
Swiss Mobile App
SBB recently launch a mobile app for passenger to use. Queuing up to purchase your ticket might take up some time. With this app, you can check the schedule, ticket fare and if the train will be crowded. The best part of this app is that it allows you to purchase one way intercity ticket. ie: Mürren to Bern via Interlaken. Train – Cable Car

Swiss pass 
If you are planning to travel extensively in Switzerland, you need to get one of the Swiss pass. If you are wondering which pass to get, do the math. Generally, most people get the Half pass as there is no validity but it depends on where you are planning to go. Here’s how Icalculate which Swiss pass suits me best

3.    SIM card 
There are three main communication company in Switzerland - Swiss com, Sunrise and Salt (formerly orange). Initially we wanted to get Swiss com because they have the most extensive network around Switzerland. We were afraid that when we head up to the mountain, there is no connection for navigation. However, we overheard a conversation and they recommended sunrise. We end up going for sunrise because it’s cheaper. We got 20 Chf for 1GB of data only, valid for 30 days.

4.    Food & Beverages
Well known for the high cost of standard living in Switzerland, most locals only eat out during special occasion. Be prepared to pay for 25-30 Chf per pax for pizza and 10-15 Chf per pax for fast food

Beer is not exactly cheaper than water but one restaurant that we went to charge 4 Chf for tap water. Beer cost around 5-7 Chf so pick your drink or just drink before you visit the restaurant. & yes, tap water is free and safe for drinking.

5.     Going Green
The Swiss takes the green business very seriously. Other than having different trash can for recycling, household rubbish disposal are charged according to the waste one consume. In Zurich its call Zuri-Sacke. This expensive and effective way not only help to reduce waste, it helps them to “save" money. These bags can be purchase in supermarket and post office. Lucky for tourist, they do not have to purchase these bags. However, it is recommended to bring your own shopping bag when you are out.

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