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The Ultimate Guide to Paris Itinerary

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Where to Stay in Paris, Things to do in Paris and What to Eat in Paris?
Paris, the city of light is one of the most visited cities in the world. Initially, we were a little hesitant to spend 7 days in Paris and thought we would be bored. It turns out that Paris is amazing and even with 7 days, we didn’t cover all the attractions! There are still places we love to visit on our next trip!

From Art to Food, we walk down every street and explore this romantic city! After this trip, I wanted to hit myself at the back of my head for missing all the good food. All I knew then was baguette and macaroons!
Accommodations in Paris
Paris is a huge and is divided into Right and Left Bank. Then, it was subdivided into 20 district and Arrondissement. The different district number offers a very different experience. While there is no best area in Paris to stay, we hope this gives you a glimpse of idea where to stay in Paris and where not to stay in Paris for your next trip! We hear horror stories from our family and friends about their experience in Paris. Although we are lucky that we didn’t encounter any issue, I hope the information helps!

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Louvre - 1st Arrondissement
This area is the business district and located at the prime of Paris. There are many luxury hotels and is accessible to many main attractions like Louvre, Musee d’Orsay and etc. Staying close to many attractions also meant that you can explore the city on foot! One of the best way to see this city is definitely on foot!

Le Marais - 4th Arrondissement
Le Marais is home many the Jews & LGBT community and thus it has a very unique community vibe. There are many boutiques and restaurants in this neighbourhood. You can find many café and bars in this area. Not overly noisy but close enough.

Latin Quartier - 5th Arrondissement
Centrally located in Paris, Latin Quartier is a popular place with students. There are many bookshops and affordable restaurants. You will find the popular bookshop - Shakespeare & Company in Latin Quartier. We spent a morning in that area and it was a lovely experience!

Eiffel Tower - 7th Arrondissement
Waking up to the view of Eiffel Tower and snapping your perfect Instagram picture, staying in the 7th Arr will give you an advantage. It is located on the left of River Seine and it makes getting to attractions easily. You can beat the crowd before everyone else does!

Champs-Élysées - 8th Arrondissement
Champs-Élysées is the upscale Neighborhood and shopping haven in Paris. There are many luxury brands lined up along the streets! Definitely the place for all shopaholic!

Montmartre - 18th Arrondissement
Montmartre used to be the place for poor talented artists and these days it is one of the most popular outer districts in Paris. Many choose to live here for its unique atmosphere. We love it when we were there.

However, do note that it is actually a hill and staying here means that you have to walk up the hill very often. It doesn’t sound that bad if you think of it as burning the calories of croissant. Generally, the area is pretty safe but avoid staying at the edge of 18th Arrondissement because it is very dangerous at night.

Areas to Avoid Staying in Paris
Other than the infamous riots in Paris, Saint-Denis is on the news for many wrong things. High unemployment rates and violence on the streets and becoming the home for many migrants. To be safe for travellers, it is best to avoid. 

Nord 18ème
Right at the edge 18th Arr, one of my cousin stayed there during a work trip and had a pretty bad experience in this neighbourhood. There were many homeless and tents set up near the hotel. This makes travelling very unsafe. You see a man walking down the street with a knife and many asking for money. A quick search on google will tell you the horrifying experience. Best to stay out of this area even though the accommodation is very affordable.

To sum it up, it is our due diligence to do checks and reviewed the hotels we are staying. Do make use of google map and review before you book any hotel.

Things to do in Paris
Eiffel Tower + Seine River
things to do in paris, guide to paris
The Iconic tower in Paris, one will not miss the Eiffel Tower. The gigantic Tower stands in the middle of Paris and glimmers in the sky. One can visit the Eiffel Tower and oversees the city from the top. After the trip to Eiffel Tower, do not forget to take a walk along the Seine River. It’s romantic.

Versailles Palace
things to do in paris, paris itinerary, attractions in paris
Take a day trip out of the city and visit the Versailles Palace. It is a place where History meets art. You see the combination of both in Versailles Palace. From the Architecture to interior design, every part of the palace is designed exquisitely. Especially the Hall of Mirror that is presented so beautifully!

Louvre Museum
things to do in paris, paris itinerary,
The most popular museum in Paris and the biggest in the world. The iconic glass pyramid in the Louvre was only built in 1989. It has caused an uproar that time and the public were angry. Today, it is definitely one of the most beautiful modern design museums today. The Louvre has also attracted many visitors from the world to visit the architecture as well as the large collection of art. With an audio guide, one can learn the story of and thoughts of the artist.

Musee d’Orsay
things to do in paris, paris itinerary, paris attractions
Originally built as a train station, the architecture was considered as one of the best at the time built. Unfortunately, the platform had become too short for the new trains. Thus, it was out of use as a train station. Today, Musee d’Orsay has one of the largest collection of Impressionist art in the world. Other than pieces of art, you can find a giant clock in the museum that gives off a very rustic vibe.

Arc de Triomphe
things to do in paris, paris itinerary, paris things to do
Arc de Triomphe is one of Paris most iconic monument. The monument was built to commemorate the victory of war Austerlitz by Emperor Napoleon and remembering the soldiers who contributed. The construction took 30 years to complete. Sadly, Emperor Napoleon did not manage to see the finished product.

The Arc is located at the centre of a dodecagonal configuration of twelve avenues. Definitely a stunning view from the top! I was amazed by the details put into designing the Arc de Triomphe. On the façade of the Arch, the important moments of the French revolution were sculpted on.

things to do in paris

The design of the Iconic Basilica’s Dome has attracted many. The Roman Catholic church is dedicated to the sacred heart of Jesus.  Decorated with many paintings on the ceiling, this church is beautiful. Plus, the front steps of the church, one can enjoy the panoramic view of Paris even without having to pay to get to the top.

Where to Eat in Paris
There are many places to dine in Paris and we were spoilt for choice. Whoever tells you that food in Paris is expensive only visited the touristy area. The most affordable 3-course meal we had cost us about 16 Euro. For that amount of money, you can only get a basic main course in Singapore. Not forgetting the quality ingredient used in Paris. Below are our 3-favourite restaurant in Paris. Do pop by and try! Let us know what you think!  

& last tip, go for the set lunch! It is a lot cheaper than dinner set!

La Jacobine

Located in the 7th Arr, La Jacobine is 10 minutes away from Luxembourg Gardens. We visited before lunchtime on a weekday and didn’t have to make a reservation. The restaurant serves one of the best duck confits at affordable price. Love the Coq au vin aka Chicken stew and potatoes that come with it. The dessert was amazing too!

Lunch Set Meal from 28 euro onwards
Address: 59-61 Rue Saint-André des Arts, 75006 Paris, France
Opening Hours: 12 – 11pm daily ( Except Monday 6:30pm – 11pm)

Les Antiquaires
A very casual restaurant that is located near Musee d’Orsay. We stop by here for lunch and love everything about it! The onion soup is delicious and easily the best onion soup we had in 7 days! I ordered the duck breast & it didn’t disappoint us either! H’s steak was cooked to perfection! We are definitely coming back for the onion soup next time! Do note that the restaurant is very popular with local and tourist. So, please visit early!

Ala Cart Order only (Average 30 euro/Pax)
Address: 13 Rue du Bac, 75007 Paris, France
Opening Hours: 7am – 12pm Daily

La Taverne de Montmartre 
H found this gem on google map when we were visiting Montmartre and it turns out so good! The staff are really friendly and the food portion is generous too! H ordered the beef bourguignon and it was full of flavours. The beef was tender and came off easily from the bone! The carrot and mushroom that comes with it were great too! Although the grilled chicken I ordered did not surprise me, the chips on the side did!

Do note that the restaurant has a strict policy of each adult ordering 1 main. Sharing fee cost 7 euro/pax (including kids). Lunch Set Meal from 16 Euro onwards

Address:25 Rue Gabrielle, 75018 Paris, France
Opening Hours: 12pm – 2:30pm, 6pm – 10pm Daily

I hope this guide gives you a glimpse of things to do in Paris! Do you have any favourite restaurant in Paris? We would love to know! Can't wait for our next trip to this romantic city!  
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